CCK2 Support

CCK2 Support is available as a yearly subscription.

  Free Basic ($99 USD) Premium ($499 USD)
Access to CCK2 Support Site
Response to issues within five business days    
Response to issues within one business day    
Submit issues from one email address    
Submit issues from up to five email addresses    
Email address for confidential problem submission    
One urgent issue per year    
Up to five urgent issues per year (1)    
Purchase dedicated support hours at a discounted rate (2)    

(1) Urgent issues are responded to within 1 hour during normal business hours, U.S. Central Time. They will have a dedicated email address.

(2) Discounted rate for 2014 is $100 USD an hour (20% discount on the normal rate of $125). Hours must be purchased in blocks of 10.

You can use the drop-down below to purchase support.

If you require an invoice, need to pay via another method, or have any quesitons, please send an email to


Are you going to charge for CCK2?

No. CCK2 and the original CCK Wizard will continue to be provided for free. The code will be open source. I don't think that selling a product is the right model for me.

Will you offer a discount for non-profits?

Not at this time. I believe the cost of basic support should be low enough for most organizations.

Will you support Firefox?

While I do have a great deal of experience with Firefox, at this time I cannot provide Firefox support to an organization. I will only support Firefox as it relates to configuring it with the CCK or problems with the CCK itself.

What is a an urgent issue?

Whether or not something is an urgent issue is completely up to you. If you choose to mark an issue as urgent, I will address as quickly as possible, within reason.

Will you continue to post on your blog?

Yes, although some content might start showing up on the support site.

Will you continue to answer questions via email?

I will try, but one of my main goals here is to move a lot of the questions I answer into the support forum so they can benefit more people.

What I don't have or can't use a PayPal account?

On both Paypal pages, there is an option to just use a credit card. For Subscriptions, look for "No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card" at the bottom. For Buy Now, Look for "Don't have a PayPal account?" at the bottom.

What if I don't want to subscribe, I just want to do a one time purchase?

Use the form below.