Operator 0.6

I’m putting the finishing touches on Operator 0.6. Here’s what you can expect (update in bold):

  • Performance Improvements – I’ve done a few things here. The main thing is that I was going through the document’s DOM one time for each microformat. I’ve reduced that to one time for all microformats. I’ve also modified it so that I don’t build any menus until the icons are actually clicked. In addition, I removed the code that did a reverse lookup on geos to get the address. This was causing a MAJOR performance problem on pages with geo tags. I think this is a deficiency in the geo spec – I wish they had a way to specify a name for the geo on the geo tag.
  • User Interface – I’ve added both a toolbar button and a status bar icon that contain all the Operator functionality.
  • Handlers – I’ve made it so that handlers can indicate that they require data in a microformat. If that data is not there, the handler won’t appear. In addition I’ve added basic support for 30 Boxes. If any 30 Boxes developers are out there, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss why I can’t make 30 Boxes work as good as Yahoo or Google Calendar. I’ve also added support for Yedda.
  • Microformats – I’ve added support for hResume.
  • Debug – I’ve modified the debug dialogs so that they now display in a readonly text area that can be copied to the clipboard. They are also formatted better.
  • Tags – I’m improving the parsing to be more compliant with the spec for valid/invalid tags.
  • Browsers – I’ve made it so the extension will work on Flock (and I’ve done some basic testing there

I’m targeting January 3rd for this release, assuming I can get performance where I want it.

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6 thoughts on “Operator 0.6

  1. Any chance on including the Yedda support in this release? 🙂

    I used your sample and it worked great. It just need to base64 encode an image (or, if you can support, getting the image of the net).

  2. As far as the image goes, you can use a URL as the iconData, but I’m a little scared because I think some sites might complain that Operator pulls their favicon directly. I would pull their icon from the server on every new window.

    Here’s how I do the base64 encode version:

    1. Get the icon URL:


    2. Convert it to a PNG at this site:


    3. If you need to do any image manipulation, you can do it here:


    4. base64 encode it at this site:


  3. Hi Michael, thanks for including Yedda!

    Do you want me to prepare the .js file with the icon in base64 and everything, or have you already done that?

    Let me know if you want me to send something to you.

  4. Hi again Michale,

    I’ve update the Yedda handler according to the sample you posted on the newsgroup (and in your blog) and also added the icon.

    You can get the updated script from here.

    Ping me if you need anything.