Operator 0.6 is available

Operator 0.6 is available from addons.mozilla.org.

Here’s what’s new in this release:

  • Performance Improvements – I’ve done a few things here. The main thing is that I was going through the document’s DOM one time for each microformat. I’ve reduced that to one time for all microformats, and I also cache the list of microformats as best I can (there’s more work to be done here. I’ve also modified it so that I don’t build any menus until the icons are actually clicked. In addition, I removed the code tehat did a reverse lookup on geos to get the address. This was causing a MAJOR performance problem on pages with geo tags. I think this is a deficiency in the geo spec – I wish they had a way to specify a name for the geo on the geo tag.
  • User Interface – I’ve added both a toolbar button and a status bar icon that contain all the Operator functionality.
  • Handlers – I’ve made it so that handlers can indicate that they require data in a microformat. If that data is not there, the handler won’t appear. In addition I’ve added basic support for 30 Boxes. If any 30 Boxes developers are out there, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss why I can’t make 30 Boxes work as good as Yahoo or Google Calendar. I’ve also added support for Yedda.
  • Microformats – I’ve added support for hResume. It’s not there by default, so if you want to see it, you’ll have to add it using the Microformats tab in Options.
  • Debug – I’ve modified the debug dialogs so that they now display in a readonly text area that can be copied to the clipboard. They are also formatted better.
  • Tags – I’ve improved the parsing to be more compliant with the spec for valid/invalid tags. You’ll notice the tags on my blog don’t display because they are invalid. (Thanks blogger!)
  • Browsers – I’ve verified that Operator works on Flock and modified the install.rdf to support Flock
  • hCard – I’ve added support for the “hCard reference via object.”

I hope this version addresses some of the concerns people had about the Operator UI as well as performance. Please give me any feedback you have!

FYI, for the next release I’ll be working on:

  • Script management
  • Missing elements in certain microformats
  • Customizing how URLs are opened
  • Ability to save vcards and icals, not just export them


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14 thoughts on “Operator 0.6 is available

  1. I’ll submit the first couple bugs:

    1. Exporting events to Outlook (and maybe others) with multiline descriptions doesn’t work. (This is my bug)

    2. Linking to web pages for upcoming.org events doesn’t work. (This is an upcoming.org bug – I’ll post about this tomorrow)

  2. I’m getting a ‘toolbar has no properties’ with 0.6. (operator_toolbar_button.js, line 121). Not sure if this is it, but I have my navigation toolbar hidden.

  3. Nice catch. Just fixed that.

    Are you seeing any side effects because of that error? Looking at the code, I don’t think that should cause a problem since coincidentally it’s the last line of JavaScript that gets executed in that path…

  4. I’ve noticed a number of oddities exporting my own hcard to Apple’s Address Book. In cases like my author vcard on Place Name Here (http://placenamehere.com/) it seems that the FN optimization isn’t being properly parsed and the entire FN sting is being used as Last Name. In other cases like this example (http://www.thefutureoftheweb.com/blog/2006/1/hcard) the resulting card is one of a corporation and not the individual (with their name lost).

    But the extension looks great otherwise.

  5. Hey Michael,

    Both me and a friend upgraded to the new 0.6 version but we are getting an empty toolbar with nothing predefined. I can define it myself, but its a bit of a drag.

    I even tried to uninstall and reinstall and it stays the same.

    Any idea why?

  6. I think I’m getting the same bug as Eran.

    I like that there’s a statusbar icon now though. Toolbars are so clunky, especially for functionality that you only see support for occasionally.

  7. Hmmm … I didn’t enjoyed upgrade from 0.5 to 0.6 (automatic upgrade)

    1/ I have a problem with preference “Always displays TabBar” [Firefox’s Options > Tabs]. I guess it’s “browser.tabs.autoHide” preference.
    Mine is set to false (i.e always displays TabBar) but when Operator Toolbar is not displayed at start, TabBar is not displayed (at start or after opening/closing some tabs).

    2/ (quite similar to Eran Sandler) I lost previous settings [Operator’s Options > Microformat] except for hCard.

    3/ Other thoughts
    – Statusbar and Toolbar icons are good points. 🙂
    – My english may be poor, sorry. :-/

  8. I’m really sorry you guys lost your settings. I changed the name of the preferences, and I tested migration. I guess something went wrong. I’ll do some more investigation.

  9. I too upgraded to the 0.6 version and I have lost everything in the microformats and action tabs.

    Nothing shows up in the tool bar but the cross at the bottom of Firefox turns green when there is a microformat on the page, though I can’t do anything with it.

  10. Same side effect with the tab bar as already said by yann_l.
    Firstly I thought it was a (new?) bug with Tab Mix Plus (enhancement of tab handling, but I discovered it just appeared after I allowed upgrade to Operator 0.6

    Other thing: it losts all the previous settings too…

  11. I found the browser.tabs.autoHide problem. It will be fixed in 0.6.2.

    As far as the issues with fn optimization – I actually haven’t implemented fn optimization. I’ll do that now.

    Again, I apologize profusely for people that lost their settings. Won’t happen again.

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