Operator 0.6.2 beta Available

Per my social contract, I am making 0.6.2 beta available before placing it on addons.mozilla.org.

It’s available at http://www.kaply.com/operator/operator.xpi

Significant items in this release include:

  • Fix for the tabbing interaction bugs
  • Options menu added to statusbar and toolbar button menu
  • xFolk support (needs to be added explicitly in Options if you are not a new install)
  • tag support for ma.gnolia.com
  • Improvements to adding calendar entries
  • include-pattern support for hCard and hCalendar
  • Implied “n” optimization for hCards
  • Improved debugging dialogs to use text area instead of alerts so they can handle large data and can be copied
  • When debug mode is on, microformats with invalid items are bolded
  • When debug mode is off, invalid microformat errors are placed in the Error console
  • I have tested this release significantly, including running JSLint against all code, testing migration from Operator 0.5 and 0.6.1, as well as starting a test suite. If you find problematic pages, please add them to the test suite.

    Please report bugs here.


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    3 thoughts on “Operator 0.6.2 beta Available

    1. Stephen:

      Did you have the default actions set on the toolbar?

      Here’s what the graying was (although it shouldn’t happen on rosebank.org)

      I added a feature to Operator so that handlers could indicate that they required a particular element in a microformat. So for instance, add to google calendar requires dtstart.

      If you are in Actions mode, there might be a case where an particular microformat is available, but the actins specified can’t be executed. A good example of this is:


      The vevents on this site are links to upcoming.org, so they don’t have dtstart. Google Calendar is enabled, but the links are disabled.

      Hope that helps.