Operator 0.6.2 is available

The official release of Operator 0.6.2 is available.

Here’s a full list of new features:

  • Multiple languages available thanks mainly to babelzilla.
  • Fix for the tabbing interaction bugs
  • Options menu added to statusbar and toolbar button menu
  • xFolk support (needs to be added explicitly in Options if you are not a new install)
  • tag support for ma.gnolia.com
  • Improvements to adding calendar entries
  • include-pattern support for hCard and hCalendar
  • Implied “n” optimization for hCards
  • Improved debugging dialogs to use text area instead of alerts so they can handle large data and can be copied
  • When debug mode is on, microformats with invalid items are bolded
  • When debug mode is off, invalid microformat errors are placed in the Error console
  • When you are in microformats mode with all handlers and have debug mode on, you get an additional menutem called “Debug” that displays the source and internal representation of the microformat (no more keystrokes)
  • Selecting an invalid microformat displays error and source in the same window
  • Operator now follows the bookmarks toolbar conventions for opening new windows and tabs. This includes:
    • Opening links in the current window by default
    • Middle click opens in a background tab
    • Shift+click opens in a new window
    • Ctrl/Ctrl+Shift open in a new tab based on the hidden preference browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground (which is the opposite of Select new tabs opened from links – see my previous post)
  • If you right click on a microformat, the microformat handlers show up on the context menu
  • I have added an experimental feature for highlighting microformats that can be turned on in preferences. Not only does it highlight microformats when you hover over them, when you select microformats in any Operator menu, they are highlighted on the page. Please give me feedback on this item.

Here’s my social contract status for this release:

  1. All code was run through JSLint
  2. All handlers were tested
  3. All migrations were tested
  4. This release contains safeguards against leaving in debug messages in
  5. I learned more XPath and was able to use it in more places to improve performance
  6. I made multiple beta versions available before the official release
  7. I fixed every bug that was reported so far

Note the “Extra Extra” tab in Debug is there for a reason – I’ll be posting about that soon.

Thanks for your support!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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14 thoughts on “Operator 0.6.2 is available

  1. I think I’ve found a bug in this version of Operator: When I go to http://blogs.zdnet.com/Hinchcliffe/?p=78 in either ‘Microformats’ or ‘Actions’ modes, the Operator Toolbar has all the items disabled, but the status-bar icon lights up. When I click the status-bar icon, it shows a menu with sub-menus ‘Flickr, Del.ici.ous, Technorati’ (in Actions mode) or ‘tag’ (in Microformats mode). If I click on any sub-menu, or even just hover the mouse over one (as if to reveal the contents of the sub-menu), Firefox crashes – I mean the real deal, talkback and everything (TB28581389Q, TB28581406X, TB28581489K so far).

    Also, isn’t it “Del.icio.us” rather than “Del.ici.ous”?

  2. Screwtape:

    Nice bug report. I run with debug on so I wouldn’t have caught this.

    Thank you very much. I fixed this as well as all the delicious misspellings.

    Interesting that I don’t see the crash in Firefox 1.5…

  3. Mike,

    should this work with Notes? I have tried exporting valid hcards, hoping that they will appear in my notes address book, however when I click export nothing happens. Do you have it working with Notes?


  4. Unfortunately, while Notes does import vcards, it doesn’t support doing so from a command line. You have to go to address book and select import.

    Right now I don’t have a way to just save the file to disk – that will be in the next version.

  5. Hi Mike,

    Great extension, by the way – just what was needed to up the ante re. uf adoption.

    I’m seeing an issue with vcard export, though: no address fields seem to be exported to the vcard. I’ve tried this with my own app (p/w protected, unfortunately) and the hCard creator – http://microformats.org/code/hcard/creator – and got the same result.

    Is this a known bug?

  6. Hi Mike

    Just wanted to say what a great tool Operator is, and how useful I’m finding it for my current project. The debug mode is a god-send.

    More handlers/actions for hReview would be very cool (post to digg/delicious especially).


  7. Thank you for your great work on Operator.

    I implemented hCalendar microformats on a NBA fansite that I run. (I can send you the link but didn’t want to plug it needlessly here) I use your extension to add them to Google Calendar, which works great. Because I have a microformat for every game in the remaining NBA season, there are 30+ that show up in the list. Between Operator version 0.6.1 and 0.6.2 it appears that the sorting changed. In the prior version, my hCalendar microformats were sorted chronologically, which was great. In the newer version, they are sorted alphabetically by the event title, which makes it really hard to use. I have to go looking thru the list of events to find the next game to add to my calendar, and in some cases, guess as to which event I want when the title is the same.

    So, my question is did I miss something in my hCalendar implementation, or would you consider going back to the previous method of sorting in Operator?


  8. Having hCalendar sort was a mistake on my part when I was testing out my new sorting algorithm.

    The only thing I intended to sort was tag.

    This will be fixed in the next operator.

  9. I have found another conflict which prevents Operator from working. I traced it down to a conflict with McAfee Site Advisor 26.1. I uninstalled Site Advisor and Operator is working like a champ. McAfee has been notified of the problem.

  10. This is interesting. McAfee attaches “inArray” to every object which is screwing up things. There some info in Japanese on various pages about this.

    I think I can work around it.