Operator Source Code is Finally Available

Update:ufJS and ufJSParser have ended up being integrated into Microformats.js. This will also be the core microformats code in Firefox 3. The API is documented here.

My apologies for taking so long, but the Operator source code is finally on svn.mozilla.org

For now, this includes ufJS and the ufJSParser. I am working on creating a separate project elsewhere to specifically cover the ufJS work, but for now it will be hosted with Mozilla labs.

The code is available under the trilicense.

Obviously I will accept contributions, but there is the potential that the ufJS work will be available under a different license such as the CPL, so contributors need to be aware of that.

The code in SVN corresponds to 0.7a plus hAtom support as well as fixes for the McAfee SiteAdvisor problems.


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6 thoughts on “Operator Source Code is Finally Available

  1. Please don’t use the CPL – if you have to use a CPL-like license, use the Eclipse license, as it will be compatible with GPL 3.

    EPL is basically identical to the CPL, except the really nasty patent retaliation clause is removed, leaving only the milder one (which will be GPL compatible).