Operator Action Architecture

One of the things I’ve been trying to finalize for the next release of Operator is the action architecture. Here’s what things look like now.

ufJSActions.actions.corkd_search_tags = {
  description: "Find wines on Cork'd",
  icon: "http://corkd.com/favicon.ico",
  scope: {
    semantic: {
      "tag" : "tag"
    url: "http://corkd.com"
   * Perform an action
   * @param semanticObject JavaScript representation of the semantic object
   * @param semanticObjectType Semantic object type as a string
   * @param domNode DOM Node associated with the semantic object
   * @return If you return a value, we attempt to open it as a url
  doAction: function(semanticObject, semanticObjectType, domNode) {
    if (semanticObjectType == "tag") {
      if (semanticObject.tag) {
        return("http://corkd.com/tags/" + encodeURIComponent(semanticObject.tag));

First let’s talk about scope. Semantic scope is about indicating which microformats (and in the future other semantic data) this actions works with. On the left is the type of semantic data, on the right is the required value. So for instance, if you had an action that worked on hCalendar and required a dtstart, it would be “hCalendar” : “dtstart”. You can use url to specify that an action should only be displayed when you are on a certain web page.

Next, let’s talk about the action itself. When you return a value from an action, we assume it is a URL and open it. If you want to do your own thing (like export a vCard), you can do arbitrary JavaScript and just return. I’m also working on a “doActionAll” which will allow on action to act on all microformats of a given type on a web page.

What do people think of this overall design? Is it simple enough to encourage anyone to write actions? Am I missing anything obvious?

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2 thoughts on “Operator Action Architecture

  1. It would be cool if we could also add profiles for websites (URL matching like greasemonkey?) to ‘micofromattify’ pages that SHOULD have microformats, but don’t BEFORE Operator processes them 🙂