Where is the next version of Operator?

You might have heard from Elias Torres that we have RDFa working in Operator. You might also be wondering where that version is.

Basically I’ve been working very hard to finalize the APIs so that I can get things ready for Firefox 3. You can take a look at them here. The ironic part is that I’ve actually gone back to the way I wrote Operator the first time in terms of how microformats and actions are added to Operator. I’ll be documenting this soon. And if you wrote to any of my other APIs, I’ll work with you to move things to the new model.

So what do you have to look forward to in Operator 0.8a?

  • RDFa support
  • Unified action architecture (actions on the toolbar aren’t specific to microformats)
  • Support for non HTML documents
  • A final architecture for actions and microformats so people can start coding to it
  • Debug mode displays X2V output
  • Export All available in “Microformats mode”
  • Lots of bug fixes

Stay tuned. Just some fine tuning and we’re good to go.

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2 thoughts on “Where is the next version of Operator?

  1. Tom:

    I was definitely thinking about eRDF (and other formats) when I did my rewrite, so it should be something we can put in pretty straightforwardly.