Operator 0.8b is Available

I have made a beta of Operator 0.8 available. Continued thanks to Elias Torres for the RDFa support.

Operator 0.8b adds a much requested feature - an operator icon on the location bar. It's not perfect yet, but it is there. Also, I updated the action API a little bit to allow for the naming of actions as well as having actions act on multiple properties in a microformat. For instance, in the past, the "Goto web page" action only worked for the first URL in an hCard. Now it will work for all the URLs.

The other big fix in this release was that there were cases where sorting/removing duplicates didn't work correctly. For action developers, I added the ability to have multiple translations of an action in one action. I'll document that soon.

All the caveats from Operator 0.8a apply, so please read them.

Please report bugs here.

Have fun.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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25 thoughts on “Operator 0.8b is Available

  1. Do you think you could make it work under the latest Gran Paradiso build (3.0a6)?
    I mean I can modify the xpi manually, but if you wanna do it for all users. :p

  2. One for the 'to do' list in the future, if pos:

    Any chance of having the actions open up in a new tab rather than the existing page? I prefer to see the context of what I have just actioned on.

    Keep up the great work!


  3. tony:

    Actually, we already do that. We honor that options that Firefox chrome does so when you middle-click on Web links (or hold down Ctrl while clicking with the left mouse button), the links will be opened in a new tab.

  4. I didn't get a chance to test with Flock 0.9, so that's why I didn't set the appVersion to 0.9. I will for final.

  5. Hi Mike, I have been busy with my new post-doc, but today found time and energy to set up a webpage for the chemistry RDFa user script, which is not much yet, but works fine. The icon's don't seem to work yet (1.1 version), but will look into that later. Found no problems with 0.8b so far. What would be nice is installing and/or reloading of scripts was easier, but I appreciate that it is not the most interesting thing to program.

  6. Not sure it's the right place, but I would like to know if RDFa will be also supported in Firefox 3.0 ? I also don't understand well what are the relations between Operator and Firefox 3.0. They share the *same* API ? Only the API ? What about the UI ?
    Could you explain ?
    Thank you.

  7. Some more questions about the UI :
    -- wouldn't it be more interesting to start by default with the "Data format" display style ?
    -- I don't understand why there is a "RDFa" Data format menu ? why not create on the fly a menu corresponding to the "rdf:type" of the object ? For example, a foaf:person should create a "Person" menu or, at least, go in the "Contacts" menu.

    What do you think about that ?

  8. Charles:

    I like "Data Format" as the default view, but the UI folks we worked with thought action was a more natural default for most users.

    As for RDFa data type versus a more specific data type, with RDFa, there really is no guarantee there is an rdf:type value. So all I can do with RDFa is consolidate all RDFa info into one data typ emenu.

    RDFa will not be supported by default in Firefox 3. Right now, the main thing that is going into Firefox 3 is the backend API for accessing microformat content on web pages. No UI has been finalized yet.

  9. Thanks a lot. Yes "there is really no guarantee there is an rdf:type value". As it can be infered in most cases and as "RDFa" is a cryptic name for most users, why not :
    -- use specific data type when it's possible
    -- use "Resources" in the other cases (in fact everything has an implicit )

    The API for RDFa isn't stable enough ? Is there a way to try some sort of lobyying ? Is it possible to participate to UI debates ?

  10. I'm more than happy to participate in debate about this subject.

    The data types UI (which is where "RDFa" is used) is not intended to be the primary UI for Operator - the primary UI is considered the actions UI. So I feel pretty comfortable using the term "RDF" in the data format UI to consolidate all RDF. I do like your suggestion of using "Resources" as the user friendly name.

    I understand the data type is there, but any given page could have literally hundreds of types of RDFa on the page, so there's really no way to have a menuitem for for each RDFa type or to use one specific type on the menu.

  11. > any given page could have literally hundreds of types of RDFa on the page, so there’s really no way to have a menuitem for for each RDFa type or to use one specific type on the menu.

    1. Ok but isn't it exactly the same problem with microformats ? Their number could grow fast (thanks to Operator ;-). How do you choose which microformats data types are elligible to the Operator bar ?

    2. What about agregate some rdf:type with microformats ? For example : a foaf:Person should go in the "contacts" data type, isn't it ?

    3. At least, should it be possible to manually configure RDFa data types in the bar ? For example with "Options > Data formats > New RDF type > RDF Type [...............] + Label [..............]". If I enter "http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/Person" as the RDF Type, it should create a menu in the bar and detect each object which verify .

    4. In terme of UI, a solution should be an UI with 4 levels :
    -- the first one is something (a menu label, an operator icon ?) called "Semantic Datas" (or something like that)
    -- the second one (a menu ?) show *every* data types
    -- the third one (a sub-menu ?) show *every* object corresponding to each data type
    -- the fourth one (a sub-sub-menu ?) show *every* action corresponding to the given objects

    What do you think about it ?

  12. Not sure if you've got this covered, but it would make sense to me: since you have an option to have operator appear in the status bar, I think there should be an option (or as a side-effect of that one?) to make operator disappear from the toolbar. Sort of like ABP's options for the toolbar button or the statusbar, or DownloadBar's mini v. full mode. Granted, then my status bar might be a bit more cluttered, with ABP and IETab and FoxyTunes and Operator, but I think that's a lot better than reducing space with a bunch of toolbars? I could be wrong, its just a suggestion. Thanks.

  13. All you have to do to remove the Operator toolbar is select View->Toolbars->Operator Toolbar and it will go away...

  14. Do you have any plans to introduce language options (other than editing the source directly)?

    The location bar icon works very well, especially for users who have no idea on what Microformats are. In my opinion, the icon should be visible by default with the "use descriptive names" option checked. That way users with less interest on the technical aspect wouldn't be deterred by terms like "xfolk".

    Nevertheless, thanks to you, this is the first time I'm able to use Microformats as a core function of a website.

  15. Kari:

    I'm not sure what you mean by language options. As in changing actions so they point to servers other than US?

    I've considered changing the defaults away from actions as I have specified.

  16. Mike,
    I'm running Flock (and I believe that a patch is coming any day now).
    I love Operator, but due to beta-testing Flock I haven't been able to get a version of Operator to keep pace with my browser version for a while. Any chance you can point me at a version I can use now?


  17. I love Operator, but due to beta-testing Flock I haven’t been able to get a version of Operator to keep pace with my browser version for a while. Any chance you can point me at a version I can use now?