Writing User Scripts for Operator

I think the APIs in Operator 0.8b have settled down enough that I can start to document how to write user scripts. Note these user scripts are for Operator, NOT for Firefox 3. How things will work in Firefox 3 hasn’t been decided yet. And I am working very hard to make this the final API for Operator 1.0.

What are Operator User Scripts?

Operator user scripts are user added pieces of JavaScript that can enable additional functionality within Operator like new actions for microformats and RDF, as well as adding new microformats. Examples can be found on the Operator User Scripts page. User scripts are added to Operator by opening Options and selecting the User Scripts tab. You can then select a user script that has been saved to your local hard drive. People have asked why I don’t allow user scripts to be installed directly from the web similar to Greasemonkey scripts. There are two reasons. First, the code to do that detection is licensed under GPL, so I can’t just take it and put it in Operator. Second, Operator user scripts operate with the same security privileges as an extension so they can pretty much do anything they want. That’s not something you want to install in a drive by situation.

Writing a User Scripts

I’m going to have separate pages for the user script documentation, rather than using posts. The first one is here – Creating a Microformat Action User Script (Basic). As always, I appreciate feedback, especially from folks that have already written actions. And speaking of actions, we have some new ones to add to the list:


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