Operator and hAudio

One of the cool things that you can do with Operator is experiment with new microformats. The folks at Digital Bazaar and others have been working on an hAudio microformat and David Lehn has created some experimental Operator User Scripts for you to try out. hAudio.js contains the primary microformat. money.js is used to allow actions on currencies.

You can try out these microformats on the site Bitmunk, as well as WebOrganics

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7 thoughts on “Operator and hAudio

  1. It doesn’t seem to work for me:
    – I added the script through the User Scripts tab: New, browse.
    – Went to Data Formats, press New and added hAudio
    – Went to Actions and added Find audio on Amazon and Buy music
    – Now the operator 0.8a button appears disabled. However the cursor changes when I hover over some fields like the Label here: http://www.bitmunk.com/view/media/6064030 but get no hAudio action options.

    I’ve also tried the hAudio demo: http://weborganics.co.uk/haudio with no success. Any suggestion?

  2. Hello,

    I’ve added the script and it’s not working on any site I try it.

    I’m running on Operator 0.9.5

    what can I do?