CoScripter (formerly Koala) Extension for Firefox from IBM

In my Enterprise series, I mentioned an extension from IBM called Koala that could be used to automate business processes.

This extension has now been made available via alphaWorks Services as CoScripter.

From the web page:

CoScripter is a system for capturing, sharing, and automating tasks on the Web. CoScripter scripts contain human-readable instructions for completing Web-based processes, such as changing your mailing address or searching for real estate. If the CoScripter plug-in for Firefox is installed, CoScripter can step through scripts with you, showing you how to perform the task, step by step. CoScripter can also run scripts automatically, eliminating repetitive or mundane tasks for the user.

There’s a more detailed post about it at Luis Suarez’s blog.

Go check it out. It’s pretty cool.

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5 thoughts on “CoScripter (formerly Koala) Extension for Firefox from IBM

  1. Mike, you’ve just made my day.

    At work, we’re just starting a new project: it’ll be to bring widespread selenium phpunit coverage to our main application.

    Ever since I saw the original demo of Koala, I’ve wanted to toss the selenium IDE out of the window, and just make use of it.

    Now I almost can.


  2. Hi Mike! Thanks a bunch for the link love and for spreading the message around! I must say that I have been enjoying CoScripter (Formerly Koala) quite a bit, specially for its potential benefits as a training tool and bringing learning into the browser session in a social context. That is quite interesting to be honest and I am surely hoping to be playing some more with it as time goes by!

    Thanks again for the link!

  3. Daniel,
    I agree that CoScripter looks pretty sweet. However, just out of curiosity, what makes you want to toss Selenium IDE out the window. Is it the natural language support? The shared repository of tests that people can vote on? The test execution running in a sidebar? Or is it something else?

    Again, just curious! 🙂 Personally, I’m big fan of the natural language approach taken by CoScripter… If that’s something people want (besides me), I’d like to implement that in Selenium, too.

    Jason Huggins
    Selenium developer