Operator 0.9 beta available

I’m making available a beta of Operator 0.9, which has support for Firefox 3 and uses the built-in Firefox 3 microformats support.

The primary focus of this release has been performance, and I believe it shows. Sites like the Samsonite Store Locator are MUCH faster. Note that if you want to improve performance even more, you should remove the adr microformat from your toolbar. I’ve done this for new installs of Operator in the future. Since most pages with adrs have them in hCards, I’ve moved all the functionality that was for adrs into the hCard submenus.

Other changes include support for whether or not hidden microformats are displayed. You can try this out on the Samsonite website. Note that this functionality doesn’t work on Firefox 3 because it required a change to the core Microformats support which hasn’t made it into Firefox 3 yet.

Other small changes are the addition of searching for tags on amazon.com products, as well as searching for addresses on MapQuest.

One thing that is NOT in this release is modifications to support the new RDFa spec. We’re still waiting for some stuff to be finalized for that.


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11 thoughts on “Operator 0.9 beta available

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  2. I encountered a bug due to this beta in Firefox 3 Beta 3 (running on Windows XP): When I go to compose a message in Gmail, pop the draft out to a new window, and right-click in the text box for the body of the message, the context menu renders incorrectly (the menu background appears but no menu items, or some of the menu items appear correctly but others have no text). Disabling Operator fixes the problem.

  3. I am curious about the new option to display hidden microformats or not. My site is full of hidden microformats – I just don’t find it possible to display my site how I want and still create a valid microformat. I for one would definitely like to see the display hidden option on by default. Do you have any thoughts on this?


  4. @adrianbj: I’d love to help you get your site to display without hidden microformats.

    The reason I have hidden on by default is because I have found many sites that use Ajax to hide and display microformats, and these can be very confusing when the user sees microformats that are not on screen.