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We’ve recently created a newsgroup/mailing list to talk about Firefox as it relates to enterprise, educational institutions, or other similar ventures. Here’s the first post I just put up:

The goal of this newsgroup is to help enterprises, educational institutions and other similar groups embrace Firefox.

When we use the term “enterprise,” we in no way mean to limit the focus to large businesses. We want to help anyone from high schools to Fortune 100 companies.

We’ll be talking about issues related to things like:

* Customizing the browser for a particular deployment
* Deploying the browser in a specific environment
* Creating custom extensions for your deployment
* Training issues

We have a wiki with some information at:

There have also been some posts on my blog:

We look forward to your participation!

You can access the newsgroup multiple ways:

Hopefully we can use this medium to foster some more discussion around Firefox in the enterprise.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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5 thoughts on “Firefox Enterprise Newsgroup

  1. Hello,
    in the company I´m working for it´s not possible to install add-ons by the Users (12000). That´s what I´m going to change.

    We use Firefox ESR 17 and Window 7.

    I want to make add-ons available for everybody by integrating an internal central service. That is possible by customizing the “extension.webservice.discoverURL” to the Server I´m talking about. The Problem is that nobody should be able to install add-ons from any other Source, for example, local media,…

    Do you have an idea, how this Problem can be solved?
    Maybe there is a possibility by using the lockPref “xpiinstall.enabled false” in conjunction with a whitelist defining my Server?

    Kind Regards
    Martin Grabietz