Microsoft Screwed Up Activities API Docs – It's addService NOT AddService

UPDATE: jst ROCKS! – I was able to do exactly what he said and I now have both cases of APIs working in my extension.

OK, this is really starting to bother me because Activities are starting to show up and they don’t work on Firefox because Microsoft screwed up the documentation.

The correct syntax for adding an Activity (per my conversation with Microsoft) is:

as documented here

as documented here. (I have no idea what the whitepaper says – I can’t agree to the license agreement.

Note the lowercase a at the beginning. Even though both work on IE, USE THE LOWERCASE addService!

You would think people would have just cut and paste the code from the Activity Providers site and got it right.

Incidentally, if anyone knows how to create an API in Firefox that will work with either case, that would be great. Then I could work like Internet Explorer.

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8 thoughts on “Microsoft Screwed Up Activities API Docs – It's addService NOT AddService

  1. The whitepaper mentions both addService and AddService, even on the same page. Looks like a quick & dirty job to me…

  2. If you’re implementing this using XPCOM interfaces it would seem to me that you could create two unrelated interfaces (no inheritance relationship between the two), one defining “addService”, the other defining “AddService” and you advertise both these interfaces through an nsIClassInfo implementation callers should be able to call either function.

  3. I created an activity xml according to a href=””>

    IE is able to deal with namespaces correctly (os:* elements), your implementation is not. One reason is that it searches for element names without namespaces.

    Would be good to support namespaces correctly in your plugin.