Happy Birthday Mozilla

I guess I’ll pipe in here since I’m one of the few (only?) non-Netscape then, non-Mozilla now employees that was involved ten years ago and is still involved today.

Ten years ago, I was on a a team of IBM and Netscape folks that was working to make sure the code we wrote when we ported Netscape Navigator to OS/2 made it into the first release of the Mozilla code. And it did. We worked with a lot of great people back then at Netscape and IBM, a few of whom are still on the project today.

Things have changed a lot since then. Our home away from home, the Netscape Partner Engineering Center, is now a parking lot. But believe it or not, there are still OS/2 builds.

It was an amazing time and even through the ups and downs, I’ve really enjoyed working with this community.

Thanks for the memories, and here’s to ten more years.

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