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3 thoughts on “Activities is out of the sandbox

  1. I was just wondering…does Operator and Firefox Activities does similar job…? I am using Operator for around 1.5 years name seems to be more technical. I find less non-tech ppl using it.

  2. Both allow you to invoke services for information contained in the web page. Operator detect and offer services for microformats and Activities offer services for selected text, links…

    I think they have some common functionalities and I’m wondering if Mike have any plan to integrate them somehow…

  3. I think I found a bug…
    I installed the extension on Fx, and installed 3 activities from the MS website, and set them all as default.
    Then, every time I marked some text and right clicked, 3 (of the same) activities were added to the menu. Eventually a had more than 20 items of the same 3 activities.
    Had to uninstall.