Customizing Firefox with the CCK Wizard

New version with fix for search engines not working.

FYI, I’m making a beta of the CCK Wizard available today for Firefox 3.

If you are deploying Firefox in your enterprise, educational institution, or even your household, you’ll want to check out the CCK Wizard (info at that link is a little dated right now).The CCK Wizard is an implementation of the old Netscape CCK that allows you to customize various aspects of Firefox and then contain all of those customizations in a single Firefox extension. Here are some of the things you can do

  • Add an identifier to the user agent string
  • Change the default home page and startup override home page
  • Change the title bar text
  • Change the animated logo
  • Add a web page and tooltip used for the animated logo
  • Add a help menu item that links to a web page
  • Provide sites for which popups and XPInstalls are allowed by default
  • Preinstall browser plug-ins
  • Preinstall search engines
  • Change the default search engine
  • Add folders, bookmarks and live bookmarks to the personal toolbar
  • Add folders, bookmarks and live bookmarks to the bookmarks folder
  • Set default preferences
  • Lock preferences
  • Add registry keys (Windows only)
  • Add certificates (See NOTE below)
  • Set default proxy configurations
  • Package other XPIs with your distribution
  • Disable about:config

Note that if you customize Firefox using the CCK Wizard, there are certain restrictions on redistribution outside of your organization, especially if you add certificates. Read the Mozilla Foundation Trademark policies for more info, or contact

And please let me know if you find any bugs.

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8 thoughts on “Customizing Firefox with the CCK Wizard

  1. I am not sure how to use this tool… Would you mind helping me? Basically I want a browser that does the following:
    -Blocks ALL downloads
    -Blocks ActiveX controls
    -Homepage is
    -Has and in the bookmarks
    -Title is GameBox Browser
    -All other options are restricted
    -Includes AdBlock Plus

    If the browser does these things, I will not need to update the addon.

  2. Post on Mozilla homepage says beta doesnt work on v3. Is it fixed or going to be.. sounds like just the ticket to roll out a customised Firefox on each machine on my network. Are there any docs for this addon or are they already included? Didnt wanna try it until I knew it works.

  3. I tried it for installing an XPI, customizing home page, and installing some bookmarks (one with an 853-byte javascript) and a folder with several livemarks, into the toolbar. The bookmarks didn’t get installed and the Mozilla-supplied bookmarks/livemarks were missing or corrupted.

    Have I done something wrong? I can send in the .config file and the XPI, if it will help.