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I haven’t posted in a while, and I am planning some posts, but in the mean time, thought I’d put a plug in for the next northwest Mozilla developers meeting that Brij Charan is putting together.

I’m setting up the 2nd NorthWestMozDev meeting here in vic.
It’s basically a meeting for the group of mozilla developers here in the north west to discuss various mozilla based technology.

I need a response from everyone that is attending please, as I need to book the location, etc.
If you do not respond, I cannot count you in as attending.
There is only so much space, so I need to know exactly who is attending.

Saturday, November 29th, Victoria.

Downtown Victoria, BC, Canada

Mozilla technology, programming, hackfest.
Note: Not a marketing session, more of a development meeting.

It’ll be similar to the Vancouver meeting setup.
Which was basically an open group hack fest.
We all split into groups and discuss various mozilla technologies, as well as exchange new development methodologies, and optimizations with each other.
We also showcase any new techniques (that aren’t under NDA) to eachother to help optimize your mozilla workflow.

People invited will likely be:

* Flock folks.
* BT Folks,
* Songbird,
* Activestate,
* Mozilla Mail,
* Other Mozilla community members.

Contact Brij here: brijcharan at

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