I Couldn't Stay Away From the CCK

So it just so happens that some of the work I’m doing before I leave IBM involves the CCK, so I ended up working on it and fixing some bugs. In addition, a company asked for a feature that was pretty easy to implement. So here for your testing pleasure is:

CCK Wizard version 1.2.5

Here’s a summary of what’s changed:

  • Dropped support for Firefox 2
  • Added support for specifying sites where cookies are always allowed
  • Added support for specifying sites to deny popups/installs/cookies
  • Rewrote CCKService XPCOM Component to be a little cleaner
  • Fixed problem where sometimes a created CCK wouldn’t install (ZIP path problem)
  • Fixed problem where sometimes bookmarks weren’t created on first load
  • Fixed problem where bookmarks weren’t created in the same order as specified in the CCK Wizard
  • Made the additional help menu look better on Mac


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7 thoughts on “I Couldn't Stay Away From the CCK

  1. I was just about to give up on the CCK when I found your blog and tried this version. Up til now, applying the CCK seemed to do nothing but this version works perfectly – thanks so much!!!!

    Most likely was the ZIP path problem?

  2. Good Morning 🙂

    Maybe you can do an upgrade for firefox 3.5?
    that would be great 🙂

    best greetings over the big see

  3. The CCK works great, but I think there might be a bug in v1.2.5.1 and Firefox 3.5.2. In the CCK I have the options “Do not show this extension in the extension manager” and “Prevent the uninstall of this extension (it can still be disabled” set, but it still show in the extension manager and can still be uninstalled. Could this be fixed? Id appreciate it!

  4. I’ve come across the same issues as Rob and Ludger.

    I only installed version 3.5.8 because 3.6 isn’t supported.

    The plugin is easily disabled by any user even if you select the boxes to prevent it from being deleted, disabled, etc. It doesn’t make sense to prevent users from changing settings if they can just remove what is preventing them from doing that.