Mozilla No Longer Allows Firefox Community Editions?

It looks like Mozilla has disallowed Firefox Community Editions. There has been no official announcement of this change (that I could find) or any new policy.

is now a 404. If you look at the document history:

you find this bug:

where Catherine Brady says:

“Community Editions are no longer authorized.” She also states that a new policy would be available at the end of February. It’s now the beginning of April.

Any details Mozilla?

I hope they’ve talked to folks like FrontMotion

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8 thoughts on “Mozilla No Longer Allows Firefox Community Editions?

  1. I’ve been following the blog threads about monetization surrounding the Mozilla community lately, and the general gist that I have is that at some level there is a desire to make it easier to do – but there are some significant conflicts with the overall community culture that have not been resolved. Efforts like FrontMotion I hope are appreciated. I certainly hope that they can find a way to allow such efforts to continue to use Mozilla trademarks in an appropriate manner.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out, we’re fixing the page. It shouldn’t be 404. The new text will include the rationale on why the program was discontinued, and clarify that there’s no impact on past users. The proposed termination was discussed publicly in governance late last year see: The updates to the TM policy are still being worked on and will be posted to governance in the next few weeks. It’s taken longer than expected, but those changes are largely conforming relative to the discontinuance of community edition.

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