Operator 0.9.5 Finally Available

I’m finally making Operator 0.9.5 available. You can download it from AMO. (It might not be there yet).

This version has a very significant change – I’ve removed the ability to have Operator present itself based on actions versus the data. I don’t believe this will affect most people – data has been the default for a long time, and I would bet that is what most people use. If there is significant pushback, I’ll reconsider. The reason I made this change is because I now allow you to turn individual actions on and off and I thought it would be very confusing to have the ability to specify actions on a toolbar, as well as turn off individual actions.

You also might find that some of your user scripts are not working anymore (particularly ones that install new microformats). I’ll be working on solving this problem over the next few weeks. Basically the problem was that I had told people to explicitly import the Microformats API but if you do that, you don’t get the new Microformats API included with Operator. I haven’t found a good way to completely solve this problem so for now I had to disable anything that tries to include Microformats.js. I’m working on a way to sandbox my API from the Firefox API.

So to summarize the changes:

  • Actions view is no longer supported
  • You can turn individual actions on/off
  • Actions always open in a new tab
  • The new value class date patterns for microformats are fully supported (http://microformats.org/wiki/value-class-date-time-tests)
  • RDFa support has been tweaked a little so you should see Resources where you didn’t before.
  • First run page
  • Various bug fixes
  • More translations

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15 thoughts on “Operator 0.9.5 Finally Available

  1. @Andy Mabbett: I’m not saying your idea is a bad one, but just in case you didn’t know, the following works for all Extensions: Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > R-click > Visit Home Page.

    It’s good to see Operator is being updated again. I’m at now, the second version in the last 2 days. I noticed I can no longer “Find with Google Maps” (under the “Context” button in the toolbar) for vCards with these versions. It does show and work for geo. I figured I’d mention it here for now, since I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or oversight, or something else. (I submitted a bug about it not working properly with the old version, so maybe it’s under construction.)

  2. Quote: “Actions view is no longer supported”
    I think it’s a big mistake to remove this. I also don’t understand why it’s not the default, and if you’re not OK with me, it shows at least that you should let the choice to the users because of opinion divergence.. 😉

    Just an example to demonstrate why “actions view” is better than “data view”
    If I want to see a map of an adress with google maps, it just takes me one click in “actions view” mode.
    in data view mode, it’s a bit longer (3 clicks..)

    I hope you’ll revert this change in future versions.

    An operator user
    By the way: thanks for the great addon!

  3. Since I upgraded it seems like hCalendar is no longer being recognised, noticed this on some of my own pages and then checked an event page on upcoming.org. I have the operator icon in my status bar if that makes a difference.


  4. When my Firefox updated from Operator 0.9.5 to I was sent to a 404 page here: kaply.com/operator/install/upgrade

    Presume you forgot to set something up?

  5. I noticed a new behavior – now when I click on “Contacts”, and choose to export to Notepad, FireFox is opening a blank browser tab. The info exports to Notepad just fine, but having the new blank tab appear in FF is annoying. Is there a way to keep that from occurring?

    Thank you so much for your great work on this extension!

  6. Hi Mike,
    Just a note to say thank you for what is, in my humble opinion, one of the very best plugins available for any browser on any platform.
    Keep up the good work.