New Rebrand Add-on Finally Available

Version 1.0 of my Rebrand Add-on is finally available.

The Rebrand add-on allows you to change the names and images that are used by Firefox and Thunderbird. You can change it to whatever you want. Here’s my browser:

About screen for FIRM Airwolf

Disclaimer: This extension is for entertainment purposes only. Do not try to ship your renamed browser. Also this add-on doesn’t fully rebrand on the Mac – the menubar name can’t be changed with an extension.


Do you have a need to completely rebrand Firefox? Kaply Consulting can help.

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3 thoughts on “New Rebrand Add-on Finally Available

  1. I mean the name that appears in the upper left on a Mac next to the apple logo.

    That name is not controlled by Firefox code, it’s controlled by the application bundle itself.

    If I remember correctly, it can be changed by modifying CFBundleName in