CCK Wizard Status

With the release of Firefox 3.6, people are already asking me about a new CCK Wizard. I am working on an update. You can get a beta of that here. Primary changes are more information on the proxy page, ability to open an existing CCK and better coexistence of multiple CCKs.

Most interesting news on the CCK front is that I’ve decided to move it to Google Code instead of maintaining in the Mozilla trees. The URL is My primary reason for doing this is honestly that I’m not really contributing to Mozilla/Firefox proper anymore and messing with Mercurial isn’t worth it for me (I know, lame excuse.) It has some other advantages, though, like having my own bug reporting system and not having to get any reviews/approvals for checkins.

So if you have ideas/suggestions/bugs for the CCK Wizard, please open them in Google Code.

Also note that CCK Wizard is something I do on the side, so my time is limited. Contributions help. I know there are a lot of folks who depend on this for the business. Any and all love is appreciated.

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7 thoughts on “CCK Wizard Status

  1. Mike, when your posts are syndicated to Planet Mozilla, they are given the author name “admin” in Planet feeds. (The web-facing parts of Planet identify you correctly, though.)

  2. Howdy Mike,

    many many thx for CCK! You’re absolutely right, many are depending on this for business…
    I’m excited waiting for the next version supporting FF 3.6.

    Keep on doin’
    Cheers, Felix