Weather Boom by Brand Thunder

I’m really excited about the latest thing we’ve built at Brand Thunder. It’s an interactive browser theme that changes based on the weather.

We’ve partnered with WeatherBug to give you all the weather information you could ever want. Forecasts, severe weather alerts, current conditions.

We even use geolocation to try to figure out where you are.

Give it a try – I think you’ll like it.

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2 thoughts on “Weather Boom by Brand Thunder

  1. Sure this is fun and cool, well done. One thing that I find ironically sad though is that everything is done nicely to make the extension very local-centric (geolocation) except interface messages that still are in English for the whole planet, and most of the provided services and data (including guide) as well.
    That is why I would say : please go one step further. Think global, make locales!

  2. @goofy:

    Totally understand. When I was developing this, I did notice that a lot of the data from Weatherbug is in English and American Centric.

    I’ll look into the possibility of translating this one.