New CCK Wizard on AMO

My latest CCK Wizard is now officially available on AMO.

As noted in previous posts, this version primarily focused on coexistence of multiple CCKs, as well as updating the proxy configuration to match Firefox 3.6. I also added some usability enhancements, including the ability to open an existing configuration.

The most interesting feature I brought back is the ability to hide a CCK so that it can’t be uninstalled. Here’s some background.

With Firefox 3.5 and previous, there were two options you could add to your extension that only affected it if it was installed in the same directory as the EXE – hidden and locked. Locked preventing the extension from being uninstalled (but it could still be disabled – so kind of useless) and hidden preventing it from being seen at all (which of course prevented it from being disabled or locked). Mozilla removed hidden for Firefox 3.6 but left locked behind. What I’ve done is made it so that if you specify locked, it means hidden. This was the easiest way to make this work and has the nice side effect that if in your deployment, you need to hide other extensions, just mark them as locked.

Support for the CCK Wizard is provided through Google Code.


Do you need to do even more customization of Firefox for your organization? That’s what we do. Contact Kaply Consulting.

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3 thoughts on “New CCK Wizard on AMO

  1. Your saying “Locked” has both the attributes of being locked & hidden? That doesn’t make sense considering that Firefox 3.6 doesn’t allow hidden add-ons anymore.

  2. Firefox 3.6 doesn’t allow the hidden keyword anymore to hide add-ons.

    It’s certainly possible to hide an add-on.

    An add-on can do absolutely anything to Firefox.

    Mozilla just wanted to make it harder for an add-on to hide itself.

    So I wrote my own custom code for hiding an add-on.

  3. Hi,

    Was trying to use your CCK Wizard to create an Enterprise Deployable version of Firefox 3.6.3. I came across a few questions.

    1) During some testing chose a few setting, on those settings I chose the lock option. For example on the network proxy address. However it seems it does not lock that preference. Do I need to create another file first?
    2) Did not actually see a setting to either disable plugins or to disable browser updates.
    3) Also I followed part of what you said, because I am going to want to package this and deploy it either via SCCM or Big Fix. I downloaded 7Zip and extracted the Firefox setup files not sure where to go from there.