Reimagining the CCK Wizard

When I originally created the CCK Wizard for Firefox, my goal was to keep the user interface as close to the Netscape CCK as possible. Over time, I added new functionality, but I kept holding on to the original design. With Firefox 4 approaching, I think it’s time to reimagine what the CCK should be.

I’d really like to try to engage the community in figure out what to do next. What should the UI look like? Is there missing functionality?

So please do me a favor, install the CCK Wizard and post your opinion. I’d love to take the CCK Wizard in a new direction, but I need some helping deciding which way to go.

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4 thoughts on “Reimagining the CCK Wizard

  1. I have given a few talks on Firefox in the enterprise, mainly focused on using the CCK to deliver custom Firefox remixes. Out of the top of my mind:
    – an option to select from my current setting what would I like to put in a CCK package. Say list all current extensions, personas, themes, settings and be able to check/uncheck what I want.
    – remove throbber related settings
    – when uninstalling the created package remove all settings, extensions and themes. Right now removing the created extension leaves the installed extensions and themes.
    – support Personas: adding, blocking/allowing sites, setting default

    Will get back when I remember some more. Glad to see you keep it up!

  2. A few more:
    – an option to set the min/maxVersion of the created extension (keeping the current branch as default)
    – a Finish button so you don’ t have to click on Next so many times when making a minor update or creating a very simple CCK package.
    – as for the UI in general I wouldn’t change much really. It is pretty straight forward right now. The hints could always be improved. Not sure if making it work inside a tab instead of a window would make complete sense, but at least would make it easier to check web addresses and other details when filling in the package parameters.

  3. I would find the items listed in Percy’s second comment useful as well.
    I’d also like to have it display which CCK I’m working on in the Title bar or a confirm which CCK it will save to on the Finish screen. I’ve mistakenly made changes to an original cck thinking I was making it on a copy.

    Looking forward to seeing the update.

  4. First of all I am also really glad to hear that CCK will live on and on…

    Percy’s ideas of moving the whole CCK window into a Firefox tab and especially the Finish button on all pages sound good. For the UI itself I find a tab based interface where you can go back and forth (maybe a bit similar to Firefox’ settings dialogue) or explorer-like navigation instead of a wizzard (where you click Next and Finish) great.