Rebrand Updated for Firefox 4

I’ve just updated Rebrand for Firefox 4.

For those that don’t know, Rebrand is an add-on for Firefox that creates an XPI that “rebrands” Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. You can change all images and product references except for the menu bar on Mac. Disclaimers apply and are displayed on startup.

I’ve also updated my Netscape rebranding package. Install it to relive the nostalgia that was Netscape Navigator.

The new about dialog looks especially good.

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14 thoughts on “Rebrand Updated for Firefox 4

  1. I notice the SeaMonkey maxVersion hasn’t been bumped together with Firefox’s in Rebrand 1.2. If it works with Firefox 4.0.* then it “ought” to work with SeaMonkey 2.1.* (I haven’t tested it.) Notice the “Firefox version” recently added to the SeaMonkey user-agent, as follows (this is the factory-default user-agent string for the version I’m now using):

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:2.0b10pre) Gecko/20110116 Firefox/4.0b10pre SeaMonkey/2.1b2pre

  2. I’ve just tried Rebrand on Firefox 4 RC2, the about dialogs and window title are updated, but the Program icon in Windows isn’t updating as before. Any idea why this is?

    • Which program icon?

      I never updated the icon on the desktop (that can’t be done with an add-on).

      I might have missed something with the way icons are done in FF4.

      • The program icon that appears in the task bar, in the Rebranding Wizard this is referred to as “Icon (optional)” on the Extension Details page.

        If there is any additional information you require, or need a test let me know, happy to try and sort this out with you.


        • Hi Mike
          just wanted to check if you had found any time to look at the icon issue I mentioned above.


        • You can take apart Rebrand to see how I do it.

          I replace a couple DTD files and some images.

          What were you having a problem with?

  3. Knock knock.. anyone home? I hope your still around. Rebrand for Netscape.. This works with Seamonkey 2.7 But the menu bar rebrand doesn’t work.. everything else seems to work. How do I fix this manually? I know I’ll have to find an icon for it as well as the shortcut. Thanks

    • It’s another add-on, so you can just do a file->open file in Firefox and load it or drag and drop it onto Firefox.