CCK Wizard Beta for Firefox 4

Update: Beta 2 available to fix a bug with adding prefs

Have you ever needed to customize Firefox for deployment with in your organization or even to your family? That’s what the CCK Wizard is all about. It allows you to create an add-on that customizes Firefox. You can learn more about what it does at

I’ve recently updated the CCK Wizard for Firefox 4 and have made a beta available. You can click here to install it. Once everything looks good with the beta, I’ll put it on AMO.

So what’s the future of the CCK Wizard?

The CCK Wizard has always been close to my heart because it was my first add-on. I originally had plans to do some major enhancements to it, but my plate is pretty full with other work. It’s difficult to find time to work on my free add-ons. I’ll continue to keep it current with the latest Firefox versions, but going forward, I have no plans to add additional features to the CCK Wizard.

If you’d like to see the CCK Wizard continue, please consider contributing or participating in its development at Google code. You could also help out on the documentation side. It would be nice to get some of the docs current and organized:

I also want to give a shout out to Rick Alther from IBM who has worked on the code and is keeping the flame alive inside IBM

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3 thoughts on “CCK Wizard Beta for Firefox 4

  1. Hi Mike!
    There its not working. i can press the finish button 100 times, but it doesn´t finish.
    Firefox 4.beta.11