Personas Interactive 1.2 with TweetTheme

I’m excited about the new version of Personas Interactive that Brand Thunder just released.

If you don’t know, Personas Interactive builds on the Personas features in Firefox adding in things like multiple background images, Personas specific toolbars, galleries that can be hosted on any site and more. It removes the limitations of Personas.

This new version gives the user more control, including adding social network buttons to every theme and weather customized to your location.

But the coolest thing in it is support for our new TweetTheme. Combined with PI 1.2, TweetTheme gives you a full Twitter experience in your browser, including Twitter in sidebar, tweeting and searching Twitter from your toolbar, as well as a viewer that shows your last twenty tweets. It really shows off the power of Personas Interactive. I hope you’ll try it out.

You can click here to install Personas Interactive with TweetTheme.

And you won’t believe what Brand Thunder has coming up next. BT:Engage lets you build your own themes that will work with Personas Interactive. You can try it out now!

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