Making Firefox 10 More Like Firefox 3.6

Update: A preference was introduced in Firefox 12 for allowing tabs on bottom. I’ve update the add-on to account for this.

With the release of the Firefox 10 ESR and the upcoming end of life of Firefox 3.6, I am getting more and more requests to add functionality to the CCK to make Firefox 10 look more like Firefox 3.6. Rather than add those features to the CCK, I’m providing a separate add-on to satisfy that need.

The Firefox 3.6 Behaviors add-on can be customized to provide the following four behaviors to Firefox 10:

  • Display the bookmarks bar
  • Display the status bar
  • Display the menu bar (on Windows)
  • Display tabs on bottom

All of these behaviors are enabled by default when the add-on is first installed, but it honors the user’s choices after that. If you would like to turn some of them on or off, unzip the XPI and modify the file firefox3.6.js. There are variables at the top that can be turned on and off. You can then use any zip program to recreate the add-on.

If there are other Firefox 3.6 behaviors you would like to see, please let me know and I will add them.

Add-ons like this and the CCK Wizard are supported by donations. If the work I do makes your life easier or helps you get your job done, you can show your support by donating for future work.

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26 thoughts on “Making Firefox 10 More Like Firefox 3.6

  1. Does telemetry (assuming users allow it) count and relay changes such as re-enabling the status bar and other controversial changes to the Firefox UI?

    It would be great feedback for the designers if they could see what percentage of users dislike their changes.

    • That’s a good question. I honestly don’t know. I think that the Test Pilot project is how they figure these kind of things out.

      They don’t tend to revert their changes though.

      • Ya, unfortunately there is a strange sort of developer arrogance about the changes they make in that they will rarely admit when they’re wrong. Even when hundreds or thousands tell them so. It’s sort of an elitist’s attitude that they know better. I can’t begin to tell you about the level of arrogance that I’ve encountered, it’s unbelievable. The bad part is they so often make change for the sake of change instead of leaving well enough alone. I think they shsould focus on new functionality, but they seem to get off on reworking existing functionality instead.

  2. Thanks for posting thist! I’ve found an option to display tabs below, and I do see menu and bookmarks bar, so the only thing I need is status bar. Any idea why they would leave out such a crucial feature??

      • I just installed firefox 12 to give it another try. I have tried both this and status4evar but none seem to keep the status bar there. It still vanishes after the page loads. Maybe I am just too picky. :p

        • So the thing that shows page loading at the bottom on Firefox 12 (with URLs) is not the status bar anymore. The status bar is below that. I believe that status4evar allows you to configure it so that the information in that popup displays on the status bar again. It sounds like you need to right click on a blank area next to the tabs and make sure the statusbar/addon bar is displayed.

  3. Am I to assume that all of these add-ons work on a Mac, too? ‘Cause I think I’m gonna hafta take the plunge soon….

  4. Hi,
    i just tried your AddOn with FF 14.0.1.
    The (most top) menu bar keeps appearing and disappearing, but what I really want, the tab-bar at the bottom, doesn’t work.
    Any idea where to start looking for a solution?
    A already did a folder-diff over my profiles folder, but with no results worth mentioning.

    thx in advance


    • In Firefox 12, they made a change that broke my code. I’ve updated the add-on to reflect this. You can download version 0.2 from the link in the post.

      As far as your menubar problems go, I’m not able to recreate. Can you give me more detail?

  5. Hey, I know it’s been a while since someone has commented here, but I had two questions. I just upgraded from 3.6.xx today because websites were starting to fail, to version 12. I immediatly did everything I could to make it look like good ol’ 3.6.26, I’ve made everything look like it should except 2 things. I got the tabs on the bottom, but I cant get them to look exactly as they did, there used to be a small space between the tabs and the page (also the + button to add tabs had a smaller +) and also the back/forward, refresh, home, and X buttons are differently styled. Are there anyways to fix those things that you know of? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  6. Your add-on appears not to work at all on FireFox 29.0 running on Puppy Linux 528.
    I am seriously considering re-installing to an older version to see if I can get back to something that is close to right. Do you know a version that the plug-in works correctly on?

  7. Hello Mike, Thanks for your work. I am a partially-sighted person; I rely on ZoomText ( ZT still woks much better with FF than with any other browser. ZT has had compatability problems with subtle things in FF since 3.6, such as it seems FF more and more ignores the MS Windows color setting. It also does not provide the text in a way that FF can detect it as consistently, and therefore, the text cannot be tracked, or detected by the speech engine. The FF Options
    setting of Advanced Accessibility “Always use the cursor keys to navigate” also does not work as well in newer versions. Can you please add some fixes for these or suggest solutions?