New CCK Wizard Available for Testing

Update: I've uploaded an even newer version (1.3.5b4) that adds support for removing default bookmarks.

I have made a new version of the CCK Wizard (1.3.5b3) available for testing. It's available on the Download page at Google code.

I have made a major change to when the CCK is initialized in order to workaround a change to how bookmarks are imported in Firefox 14. That Firefox change caused the CCK to not add bookmarks to the toolbar at all. I don't foresee a problem, but please double check that your preferences, bookmarks and registry entities are properly set.

I have also added the single most requested feature to the CCK Wizard - you can make the following modifications to the Firefox UI:

  • Display Bookmarks Toolbar by default
  • Display Add-on Bar by default
  • Display the Menu Bar (on Windows) by default
  • Have tabs on bottom by default

These only apply the first time the browser is started or the CCK is installed, and a user can override them. Also, the bookmarks toolbar will display by default anyway if you have specified items on the bookmarks toolbar (this is how it worked in the past).

PLEASE test this. I'd like to get this one released soon.

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7 thoughts on “New CCK Wizard Available for Testing

  1. Dear Mike,

    today I stumble across your really great add-on CCK.

    I played around with version 1.3.4 (installed on Firefox 14) and I was surprised how good this worked.

    So I upgraded to 1.3.5b6 (still with Firefox 14) to help you testing.

    Sadly I encountered a problem:

    After upgrading from 1.3.4 to 1.3.5b6 Firefox needed a restart. Then I started CCK again and opened the config file I created before.

    I clicked through the wizard (with some interesting new features 😉 and clicked on "finish".

    Now the CCK started creating a new config (xpi and so on!) but seems to stuck with that.

    What can I do?

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks so much for the great add-on. I'm having some trouble with the CCK with regards to default preferences and other add-ons. I'm trying to set default preferences for NoScript, which I distribute separately to the CCK (could not get it to work when I bundled it with the CCK).

    I set a few specific preferences for NoScript so that it doesn't bother users with version updates, forbids WebGL and globally allows scripts but prevents objects like flash. Unfortunately none of these preferences seem to be honored when set by the CCK.

    It works if I use my own override.ini and mozilla.cfg with the preferences set in mozilla.cfg, however the CCK doesn't seem to work. Ideally I'd like to use the CCK method, as I distribute a couple of certificates with the CCK and that part works nicely, however I can't seem to get any preferences to work. Any ideas?

    • This can be quite tricky. It has to do with the order that things are loaded. If the no script preferences are set last, they will override the CCK.

      My first suggestion would be to try naming your CCK differently. First try a.xpi. Then try z.xpi. That will change the load sequence.

      If that doesn't work, I have some other ideas to try.

  3. Hmm. Now I have a different problem. The certificates I included worked before with the previous version of the CCK with Firefox 17.0.4 ESR, now they don't seem to work anymore? They are included properly in the XPI folder (under chrome/content/cck), however no matter what I set the path to in the cck.config, it doesn't seem to pick them up anymore?

    • Glad that it is fixed with the latest CCK. There was something that changed in Firefox 14 that broke the old CCK. That's why you were seeing that.