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6 thoughts on “Always Awesome Bar

  1. I get a bit annoyed too, but I content myself with the knowledge that this was done to protect users from being spoofed by websites.

    • You’re mistaken as to what this add-on does. It puts the URL bar back in certain cases. Firefox UI folks made a conscious decision to remove the URL bar in some cases when internal pages are shown. This removes that feature.

        • Chrome doesn’t seem to have that problem…

          If you can’t figure out that it’s not the real add-ons page by looking at the URL bar, you probably shouldn’t be installing this extension (or any extension for that matter ).

  2. But unfortunately it’s not installable here for Seamonkey from Addon wep page. It would be nice to have a link to the xpi file.

    • Seamonkey doesn’t have this problem (at least not from what I see). If you go to about:addons, it still shows the URL bar…