Firefox Installer Command Line Arguments

I was recently asked if there was a way to silence the Firefox installer. There are actually a number of customizations you can make to the Firefox installer without rebuilding it, like silencing it, changing the install directory and more.

Rather than go into detail here, the best place to point you is an entry on the Mozilla Wiki – Installer:Command Line Arguments

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2 thoughts on “Firefox Installer Command Line Arguments

  1. Hi,
    I’m a long time user of Firefox. I want to use the command line arguments, using the INI file as you described. This is what is in the INI file, so far:

    ; InstallDirectoryName=Mozilla Firefox
    InstallDirectoryPath=”C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Nightly”
    ; StartMenuDirectoryName=Mozilla Firefox

    My question is that should I include the “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Nightly” quotes or should I remove them? Also, if I want to use the InstallDirectoryName, can I use the default like what you have? Lastly, but very important, IF I use StartMenuShortcuts=true , then can I use : StartMenuDirectoryName=Mozilla Firefox – Nightly ?

    The main reason why I’m using this is because I have several several versions of Firefox, with different profiles. I have Release Candidate, Beta, Aurora, and Nightly all installed in their appropriate named directories. Now, can I let Firefox automatically install updates for all the versions when it comes time for updates, or do I have to update manually? I really appreciate all the work you’ve put into Firefox, and hopefully, one day sooner, than later, an iOS version of Firefox could be available.
    Thank You.

    • I do believe the quotes are necessary. And yes, if you specify StartMenuShortcuts, you need to uncomment the directory name.