CCK Wizard 1.4 Finally Available

I’ve finally released the official CCK Wizard 1.4. It will take a while to be approved, but you can download it from AMO now. Here are the changes:

  • Allows disabling sync and private browsing
  • Adds support for server ceritficates
  • Fixes a compatibility issue with Firefox 22
  • Allows empty strings to be locked
  • Adds support for whitelisting and blacklisting sites for plugins

It also removes support for Livemarks (If you need this, please let me know).

If the CCK Wizard saves you time and helps you deploy Firefox, please consider contributing to it’s development by clicking here.

The CCK Wizard is maintained in Google Code. That’s the place to report bugs. Also, please consider becoming a contributor.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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19 thoughts on “CCK Wizard 1.4 Finally Available

  1. Excellent! Thanks so much for your work, Mike.

    One issue: extensions and other mods are working like a charm, but I cannot figure out how to install the Flash plugin. I’ve tried including a couple of different EXE files and an MSI file on the plugin section of the wizard, but Flash still doesn’t install.

    Is the wizard looking for a different type of file? I’m on Windows with Firefox 22.

    • For plugins, you put the actual DLL and then it gets bundles with the CCK. So the plugin becomes a part of the CCK.

      I don’t recommend doing that with Flash – it’s mainly intended for companies that have custom plugins.

  2. Thanks Mike.

    I see now there’s an option to show the bookmarks bar by default, among other new things. This is really helpful.

    What I can’t get to work is the integration of the Adblock Plus extension in Firefox 17 ESR @ RHEL 6.3. I think it is related to the method I used to install the extension created by CCK.

    I created a folder in /usr/lib64/firefox/distribution/bundles/ with the ID of the extension, and unzipped the content in there. Everything works ok, except Adblock Plus isn’t installed at all.

    Additionally, I created a custom js file in /usr/lib64/firefox/defaults/preferences/ with ‘pref(“extensions.autoDisableScopes”, 0);’.

    What did I do wrong? I need new users profiles to have Adblock Plus installed by default.

    Thanks again.


  3. The CCK looks like exactly what I need but I have a question. How do I do more than one bookmark BAR folder? When I hit “new” it just allows me to enter new links that go within the bookmark bar folder I just created.

    Basically I need 5 folders on the bookmark bar with about 5-10 links in each one.

  4. I am really struggling to deploy my CCK package to versions 21 and above, and its not through lack of trying. I create my package as i have done many times before and then copy it to the ‘browser’ folder in the program file directory (which i assume is correct) but then Firefox won’t start up. I am probably overlooking something very simple, but if someone could enlighten me i would be grateful.

      • Hi Mike and thanks for the reply. I decided to start from scratch, uninstalled Firefox from the test PC, re-downloaded and re-installed. It’s now working as expected but can you clarify, i create my CCK package, extract it, then copy and paste the contents to the browser folder.
        Previous to Version 21 i just created a folder on the target machine …Firefox\distribution\bundles\ etc, but if i understand it correctly, from Version 21 the CCK should be placed into the extensions folder or do i create the structure shown above in the browser folder?

        Can i just say, thanks for the good work. Prior to finding your CCK wizard we were blocking our users from using Firefox, your software has enabled us to customize it to our liking.

        • The distribution directory is still the best place for the CCK and that hasn’t changed with Firefox 21.

          What changed in Firefox 21 is that some files moved to the browser subdirectory.

  5. Thanks for addon.
    Can you add new future:
    Lock addons page (lika public fox) or hide some addons.
    I need to use “silent block” and hide it from users.

  6. Your addon is very interesting but i have some problem to deploy it automatically. After Firefox is installing and before lauching it, i create the directory in ProgramFiles\Mozilla Firefox\browser\extensions\cck@extensions.test and unzip the xpi file. I launch Firefox : the addon is integrated but inactivated. I tried with other addon and it was OK. Could you help me, please ?


  7. Hi Mike,

    short questions, is there any way to lock the about:support side (to prevent users from resetting Firefox and all the settings), the Button “Make Firefox the default browser” and disable/lock the “Use a master password”?

    Btw. thank you for your blog and the CCK, it helps a lot to customize the FF!


    • As far as about:support goes, I can add this to my list of things for the CCK.

      Typically I recommend that people put config changes in autoconfig or in an add-on in the distribution/bundles directory. This means that the Reset Firefox button won’t do anything.

      As far as the others go, I don’t have those features, but I have heard requests for the master password one. For the other one, you want to prevent people from setting Firefox as the default browser?

      • Hi Mike,

        Apologies, for my late answer. I’ve ascertained that the problem with “about:support” and “Reset Firefox” only appears if you have admin rights, so its okay for standard users.

        Yeah, sorted that out.

        Would be great if we could prevent our users from setting Firefox as the default browser, because some intranet links or internal application websites only work correctly on Internet Explorer. :/