The Return of Operator (sort of) and other Mobile Add-ons

I did a few add-ons for the Amp Your Firefox Contest. I was waiting to publicize them just in case I needed to beg for votes. Sadly, I don’t.

The first one is Total Title. It allows you to easily see the full title text for images. It’s primarily for comic sites like xkcd that hide additional jokes in the title attribute.

The second one is Site Shaker. If you go to a web site, you can shake your phone and it will take you to a random link on that site. It’s a fun way to navigate through Wikipedia.

The third one is Operator Mobile. Using Glenn Jones’ awesome microformat-shiv, I was able to implement microformat support on Firefox Mobile. It allows the export of contacts and calendar events to your mobile device, as well as the opening of addresses into whatever mapping app you are using. I’m investigating a new desktop version of Operator as well, but it’s taken a back seat to other efforts. Hopefully I’ll be able to put something together soon.


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