Getting ready for CCK2

The first version of the CCK Wizard was released on AMO on May 11, 2006. It was designed for Firefox 1.5 and copied the original Netscape CCK. Back then, I was just getting my feet wet in writing Firefox extensions and the CCK Wizard shows it. The core CCK Wizard hasn’t even changed much over the past seven years. It’s time for a change.

I’m excited to announce today that I’m working on a brand new CCK that is completely rewritten from the ground up. I’m calling it CCK2. It incorporates many requested features and most importantly, it allows just about everything that previously could only be configured via an extension to be configured via autoconfig (assuming the core CCK2 management extension is loaded into the Firefox distribution directory.)

As part of this move, I’ll be creating a CCK support mechanism which I’ll be detailing in the next few weeks.

I’m also setting up a newsletter for CCK2 as well as for Firefox enterprise news in general. This newsletter will be the only place I announce betas for CCK2. I will also be asking for feedback on various aspects of development. I strongly recommend you sign up if you have any interest in the future of the CCK or Firefox in the enterprise.

So please sign up and stay tuned for some great stuff.

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4 thoughts on “Getting ready for CCK2

  1. Mike,

    Will the newsletter be posted to this blog? If not, why make it more difficult for people to find the information?

    I’ve long appreciated your efforts, and would understand if you felt the need to make them more profitable.


    • Yes, the newsletter will mostly be posted to the blog. There will be the occasional offer that only goes to the list (particularly betas and possibly some design feedback). I’m also building a support site that will host a lot of the documentation.

      I will be honest, there is some profit motive here. I’ve long done this work for free and I’m trying to turn it into a business. Part of that is actually having a list of people who are interested in what I do. That’s a big part of my goal here.

      • Mike,

        Maybe consider advertising your services clearly on the blog. I deployed Firefox for years in managed environments and also read your blog; if I had thought you were available to build a Firefox deployment to spec, I probably would have called. We spent a lot of time inventing, or re-inventing solutions that you probably already know.

        Maybe it is advertised and I overlooked it, but looking at your front page, I don’t see it. If I overlooked it, maybe others will too.

        Good luck.

        • Thanks Tony. That’s actually what I’m in the processing of doing.

          In the past, I assumed people would make the connection that since I do consulting, I would consult on enterprise stuff. I’m going to make that much clearer.