What’s new with CCK2?

While the video of the new CCK2 Wizard shows a lot of changes to the UI, the biggest changes are under the hood.

Previously, the CCK Wizard generated an extension on the fly, with all of the various modifications cobbled together. With the new CCK2, I’ve created a core Firefox modification module that can either be preinstalled into a Firefox distribution or bundled into an extension.

That means that if you preinstall the module into Firefox, you can then customize Firefox from an AutoConfig file. That’s right, ALL of the customizations that were previously only available by using an extension built by the CCK Wizard are now available via AutoConfig.

And because a JSON file is used to configure all the modifications, it opens up the possibility of using other tools besides the CCK2 Wizard or AutoConfig.

But don’t worry! You can still use the CCK2 Wizard just like you did in the past – to create a standalone extension.

It’s everything you had before, and more.

I’m making great progress, hoping to have an alpha this week. Stay tuned.

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