Early CCK2 is here

I’ve made an early version of the CCK2 available for testing. I made an earlier version available to my newsletter subscribers last week, so I’ve already fixed quite a few bugs and addressed some issues.

I’m looking for feedback on general functionality and on import. Also, I’d love some feedback on how to best organize the stuff in the Services and User Interface panels. I’m having trouble coming up with ideas.

Do NOT use this for deployment purposes yet. It is for testing.

Problems should be reported at cck2.freshdesk.com.

My planned release for this is before the end of the year.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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3 thoughts on “Early CCK2 is here

  1. Would you mind answering one question regarding CCK? I’ve been meaning to investigate myself but can never find the time.

    Specifically, would CCK be any use as a Plan B for automating the reinstallation of about 30 addons after Reset Firefox flushes them from an otherwise normal Firefox profile? (“Plan A” would be something I could run from a shell script.)

    My Firefox is getting pretty creaky, glitchy, and janky but it’s still more hassle to reinstall everything after a Reset than to just tip-toe around the warts. (eg. Don’t use downThemAll! anymore because, in this profile, It livelocks Firefox.)

    (The last time I rebuilt my profile was when the move to Firefox 4 rendered it unusable and extensions are the one thing I haven’t figured out how to install from the command line… ideally in a manner where I just specify the addon and Firefox downloads the latest release from AMO on next startup.)

    • Yes, the CCK could certainly be used for that.

      The other option would be to install those extensions in a central location depending on your platform. They won’t get updated, but at least they will be there when you do a new profile.