CCK2 is here

I just uploaded version 1.0 of the CCK2 to AMO. Until it is approved, you can get it here.

I decided that while I was getting some feedback, I’d get more if I just released it. It’s not a polished as I wanted, but it’s working in all my testing.

The main feature that didn’t make it is preventing click to play for individual plugins. I did add a feature that allows you to enable all plugins for a given domain, even in current versions of Firefox.

Please let me know what you think. I feel like I’ve addressed a lot of the feedback I’ve received over the years.

Thanks for your support.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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21 thoughts on “CCK2 is here

  1. I’d really like to see the ability to do whitelists of plugins/search engines/etc. As an example it would let me specify that:
    Only Flash is an allowed plugin
    Only Google, DuckDuckgo, etc are allowed search engine from the default Firefox list (but still let user customize them)

    I’m not a sysadmin right now, so it’s not immediately useful to me… but I think it might be useful to others…

    • There is possibility to blacklist plugins with those preferences:

      It isn’t friendly and it’s not white-listing, but in some cases might be useful.

  2. The UI could be better.

    I wouldn’t use the file menu for the welcome screen. Instead, you could present 2 or more big buttons with main options like ‘new’ or ‘import’.

    Really loving the new CCK. Thanks for the hard work.


  3. Hey Mike,
    I’m new to CCK/CCK2, but also new to deploying extensions in general while deploying firefox. I have previously been doing some customisation of firefox settings using an autoconfig file, but looking at switching to CCK2 to make things easier.
    Is there some info somewhere about the best way to deploy firefox with customisations via CCK2? Or do I just deploy firefox using my usual method & then dump the files created via CCK2 into the install directory?

    • Sorry for the delay.

      You could add your modifications to the end of the file that the CCK2 generates when you use the Autoconfig option.

      Alternatively, if there are modifications that you do that the CCK2 doesn’t support, let me know and I can add them in.

      If they are just prefs, you can do those in the CCK2.

  4. Great work Mike! I like it a lot and I wish future release will manage pkcs11 modules… or just be able to add custom javascript fragments so I will able to do everything I need just using CCK2!

    • I’m looking at the custom JS fragments. I assume you mean in the CFG file for the AutoConfig? Can you open a request on so I can get more info?


  5. Hi Mike,

    I do have few requests amd comments on CCK2:

    1) Label “Disable the Add-ons Manager” under CCK2 > Add-ons is confising, cause it says something differnet than it does. It doesn’t turn off functionallity, but only block access. Could You rename it to “Block access to Add-ons Manager”, please?

    2) Do You think CCK2 could handle environment variables in CCK2 > Prefereneces > Add? Currently it places quotation marks in wrong places, so + getenv(“VARIBLE”) + doesn’t work.

    3) Many administrator would benefit from Negotiate Authentication sections in CCK2. It is possible to configure it with network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris, network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris and network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris preferences, but it would be nice to have conformable section in CCK2 Wizzard.

    Or You could add it into Permissions section in CCK2.

    4) When creating extension or autoconfig file, CCK2 informs me that file is created and after that displays series of dialogs title CC2 about being unable to copy files (plugins, extensions, certificates).


  6. Hi, first of all, great work, i’ve been testing your app, in this evironment:

    Platform: Linux
    Version: Iceweasel 24
    Multiuser environment.

    I find a problem when using certificates, those are downloaded to /tmp when firefox start, so they’re created with one user as owner (support, ie.), when you log out and enter with another (user, ie), firefox shows an error and don’t insert the certificates, becase the new user (user) can’t override the previus files owned by support.
    My solution is change the extension code to erase it (file.remove(true)) after install the certificates.
    Maybe you would know about that problem.

    Thanks and email me if you need more details.

  7. Hi Mike,

    In the permissions tab, is there a wildcard i.e. *.* to apply the settings to all web pages?

    Many thanks.

    • It depends on the setting. Some of the permissions have preferences associated with them. For instance, setting dom.disable_open_during_load to true allows popups to be opened at startup.

      Which permission do you want to make global?