New Features for CCK2

I realize it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any updates. I’ve been heads down on some projects, as well as dealing with some personal issues.

I have been working on the CCK2, though, and I have a new version to share.

This version adds some requested features, including custom JavaScript in the AutoConfig file as well as better backup of your configurations. It also migrates configurations from the original CCK Wizard.

I’ve also changed the versioning to make it clear that this version is newer than the CCK Wizard.

My plan is to deprecate and remove the old CCK Wizard in the next few weeks, so please take some time to make sure the new CCK2 works for you.

And if the CCK2 is useful to your organization, please consider purchasing a support plan.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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43 thoughts on “New Features for CCK2

  1. Hey Mike,

    Sorry I’ve been quiet but I finally got a chance to try out CCK2 at a client site and it works incredibly well. With the new autoconfig zip, I can mark that as a separate install but as an update to Firefox, meaning that (at least using Munki) I can make sure that there is the minimum of repackaging for each new release of Firefox.

    Thanks Again!!


  2. Your extension is awesome.

    One thing: I used mozilla.cfg and I set “defaultPref” (instead of pref and lockPref), for i.e. Proxy settings: the user can temporarily switch from default proxy to another, and when he restarts Firefox the default proxy is restored.

    It is possible to do it with cck?

    • When you set a preference via the CCK, it’s equivalent to setting a preference with defaultPref. You can also choose to lock it (the equivalent of lockPref).

      What you’re describing is actually the “pref” functionality where you can reset a user’s preference at startup, which I don’t support.

      The new CCK 2.0 beta ( supports putting arbitrary JavaScript into your autoconfig file, so you could reset the pref using that before the CCK is invoked.

  3. I read many Articles on your website (which is great by the way), but I couldn’t solve my problem.

    I deploy Firefox (FF 28.0) via OCS ( to Windows 7 Clients. So I have to extract and modify the Firefox-Setup-File if I want to alter all Firefox-Profiles.
    I want to change the setup so that every Firefox-user will get a custom startpage and bookmarks.
    I did solve the startpage problem by editing the mozilla.cfg. I added

    defaultPref(“browser.startup.homepage”, “data:text/plain,browser.startup.homepage=”);

    and it works.

    But I don’t get custom bookmarks. I created the distribution.ini in core/distribution and added

    item.3.title= Folder

    item.1.title= Example1

    No custom bookmarks. Additionally the startpage-alternation via mozilla.cfg doesn’t work either if there is a distribution.ini.

    I also tried to add a bookmark.html in core/defaults/profile. The setup did copy it, but it didn’t show custom bookmarks.
    I really don’t want to use addons for this problem. Do you have any ideas how I could add custom bookmarks under Firefox 28?

    • Is that all that’s in your distribution.ini? You have to have the information at the top (the identifiers).

      Can you post the whole file?

      • That’s right, I have only the LocalizablePreferences at the beginning of the file.


        It explains a lot, if the identifiers are necessary. So I’ll try to add them. Will see, if that works 🙂

      • At the beginning of the distribution.ini I added

        about=company Firefox

        This setup work. Thank you very much 🙂

        Only thing I have to do now, is to set a preference, so that the bookmark-toolbar is visible, if a new Firefox-profile will be created.

          • Yeah, I noticed it. After all I tried your addon because of this missing preference. It’s great and it works in a simple way, thanks for this great work.

            But I have one question: CCK2 cannot disable the new Sync-Feature in Firefox 29. Will you add this feature in the future?

  4. Hi Mike, your extension is fantastic. One thing is missing: “Security devices” (available from Preferences -> Certificates). Do you have plans to add it? Or it’s possible to add it via javascript?

    Thank you in advance!

    • I think this would be a pretty straightforward thing to add.

      Do you know if there is some public security device on the web I could test with?

        • I looked into this, but there was one thing I wasn’t sure of.

          Would you ever bundle the DLL/SO for the device? Or would you just point to some known location on the user’s hard drive?

          Most of the Security devices come with some software, don’t they?

          • The DLL/SO for the device usually can’t be blunded, because is in a different folder location.

            For example, OpenSC puts the DLL in its folder. But this is not a problem, since we use a deployment software (WPKG in our case) to install OpenSC in all computers.

            I would like to have the opportunity to specify the location in the CCK (since it’s fixed) 🙂

            • So if I just provided a simply way to set a path to the DLL for the Security Device, that would be OK?

              Would it be OK if it was a file dialog and required you to actually find the DLL?

  5. Hi,
    great tool you have developed so far! I am trying to deploy some bookmarks over several Ubuntu OS. We use Firefox 28.

    After finishing all the steps in your CCK2 I get the Autoconfig and the xpi plugin. The autoconfig is functioning very well without any problems and everything does as expected. But when I try to install the xpi Plugin I only get the message that this plugin could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 28…

    Am I doing something wrong here? Please help.

    Kind regards

    • I have submitted the add-on, but it takes a few weeks for it to get there.

      That’s why I’m hosting updates myself.

  6. You want to distribute the CCK2 in other languages​​? I could help you to Brazilian Portuguese.

  7. Maye not be the correct story to post this under but i discovered this due to moving to the new CCK2.
    I have started my Firefox esr experience with 24.3 and using CCK2 have a nice working config for it. With the move to 24.5 (i had missed 24.4 coming out) and the new CCK tool i upgraded my Firefox from 24.3 to 24.5 using the custom option within the installer and noticed it broke my config by removing the distribution fodler.
    I went back and did a 24.3 (with cck2 cfg) to 24.4 and it also removed the distribution folder.
    Is it standard behaviour of a Firefox upgrade to remove the distribution directory?
    We were hoping to send out one custom package (Firefox and CCK2 CFG) and then use LANDESK to nativly update firefox when a new release comes out, but if this is the case it seems we will have to package a new release to our estate each time a new version comes out.
    In an enterprise situation – this is a pain.

    • Typically updates to Firefox aren’t delivered by rerunning the Firefox installer. People either rely on the Firefox updating process (which doesn’t delete distribution), or use their own tools to provide the update (which allows them to control which files are deleted/updated).

      I would suggest you bring this issue up on the Mozilla enterprise mailing list and see what other folks think.

    • Richard: Did you resolve the issue you describe here?

      We’ve just found that we are in the exact same situation where we are bundling new Firefox installs with a autoconfig extract where we among other things disable the built-in update function to have full control of the versions installed. We then also use LANDesk to keep the software updated, but they use the full installer to install the latest version.

      I can see from recent post in Bugzilla – – that Mozilla will be implementing the “feature” of deleting the distribution folder in Thunderbird as well, so it doesn’t seem to be something they’re moving away from, unfortunately.

      This is really a shame as CCK2 is such a great tool for configuring Firefox in the enterprise, but an issue like this will probably make us stop using CKK2.

      • I have plans to move the CCK2 out of the distribution directory in the future. Unfortunately this is dependent on people supporting the CCK2 financially, so I can’t provide a timeline.

  8. Hi Mike,

    I’ve included an additional add-on into the CCK2 called ‘blocksite’ as I have a requirement to lock firefox down to be utilised for only one site.
    By adding it to the add-ons, it loads as expected.
    However I need to set default preferences for this add-on so they are automatically set for all users.

    Upon configuring the preferences, I have taken the lines set in the ‘prefs.js’ file of the user profile and saved them in a new ‘prefs.js’ file.

    I have then used the ‘autoconfig only’ section of your CCK to add in these preferences. Upon saving, I can see they are added to the CCK2.cfg file.

    However when I load firefox, it does not use the preferences for the add-on.

    I have also tried adding them to the preferences section, but this also does not work. I wasn’t sure though if I was using the correct syntax :


    Name : extensions.BlockSite.showWarning
    Value : false

    Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Many thanks,

    • My guess is the add-on isn’t reading them as default preferences.

      How are you setting the prefs in the autoconfig only section?

      Like this:

      pref(“extensions.BlockSite.showWarning”, false);
      defaultPref(“extensions.BlockSite.showWarning”, false);

  9. Is there any chance to add extra bookmarks with your addon?
    So far a new firefox-profile would get four bookmarks. Now I added a fifth bookmark. This new bookmark also appears in new firefox-profiles. But if there are profiles with the old four bookmarks the CCK2-Addon doesn’t add the new bookmark. Do you have any suggestions how to solve this?

  10. Hello,
    Nice work, I’m discovering CCK2. Lot of things to do with. Just a question : is it possible to hide the “personnal bar” or “bookmarks toolbar” with cck2 or pref ?
    Thank you !

  11. Another problem : in the Certificates section, in the Overrides tab, I added a domain for wich self-signed certificates are allowed. Now, I’ve changed my mind and I want to remove it. How can I do ? No edit nor remove UI for that ? Do I have to manually edit the cck2.config.json to do so ?

    • I don’t have any code in the CCK2 for removing the self-signed certificates.

      Leaving it there shouldn’t cause any issues, should it?

      • Leaving it makes FF tries a proxy access to that domain (so it asks for authentification and then it tells that the web page is non existant). Even if that domain is in the proxy exceptions.
        So I have created a new configuration without these parameters and all is working as I expected.