New Features in the CCK2

If you haven’t checked out the CCK2 lately, you should.

One of the coolest features I’ve added recently is the ability to hide things on any arbitrary window that is opened by Firefox. For instance, if you want to hide the bottom box in the about dialog, you can add “#aboutDialog #bottomBox” to the hidden UI section. You can also use it to hide arbitrary content in about:addons. I’ve also done major work on the clipboard capabilities API, so it should be more robust. There have also been quite a few bug fixes. You can keep up on all the latest changes here.

Download the latest CCK2 by clicking here.

If you want to request a feature, you can do so on the CCK2 support site. Priority for any requests is given to paying customers.

And if the CCK2 saves you time and money, please consider getting a support contract. It ensures that I’ll be able to keep working on the CCK2.

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2 thoughts on “New Features in the CCK2

  1. Hi Mike,

    is it possible to set the port like the HTTP-Proxy under “Network” if you tick “Use the same proxy for all protocols”? (set 8080 for the port; at the first start Firefox couldn’t open google and then I noticed that the other ports were set to zero, as I had forgotten to set it manually; normaly it’s set automatically – proxy is just set fine)

    Thank you.

    • So basically the “same proxy for all protocols” isn’t a preference thing, it’s a UI shortcut in Firefox that fills out the entry fields for you in the dialog. If you are doing it yourself in an AutoConfig file, you have to set everything manually (or use the CCK2).