Sunsetting the Original CCK Wizard

In the next few weeks, I’ll be sunsetting the original CCK Wizard and removing it from AMO. It really doesn’t work well with current Firefox versions anyway, so I’m surprised it still has so many users.

If for some reason you’re still using the old CCK Wizard, please let me know why so I can make sure what you need is integrated into the CCK2.

I’m also looking for ideas for new posts for my blog, so if there is some subject around deploying or customizing Firefox that you want to know more about, please let me know.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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5 thoughts on “Sunsetting the Original CCK Wizard

  1. Have you looked at the changes to customization (especially the autoconfig-type) in Firefox 34 (at least on OS X?) Seems like the needed directories and files have moved from to and some other things have changed. Simply deploying the files that worked under Firefox 33 in to results in Firefox complaining about the cfg file.

  2. It also looks like the add-on scopes implementation has changed in FF34 on OS X: I can’t get a scopes.js file with the following contents to work as it does in earlier Firefox versions:

    //set Firefox extension scope handling
    pref(“extensions.autoDisableScopes”, 0);
    pref(“extensions.enableScopes”, 15);

    I’ve tried placing in in (as with prior versions) and in (which appears to be the intended new location), but my CCK2 extension is still disabled by default.