Managing Firefox with Group Policy and PolicyPak

A lot of people ask me how to manage Firefox using Windows Group Policy. To that end, I have been working with a company called PolicyPak to help enhance their product to have more of the features that people are asking for (not just controlling preferences.) It’s taken about a year, but the results are available for download now.

You can now manage the following things (and more) using PolicyPak, Group Policy and Firefox:

  • Set and lock almost all preference settings (homepage, security, etc) plus most settings in about:config
  • Set site specific permissions for pop-ups, cookies, camera and microphone
  • Add or remove bookmarks on the toolbar or in the bookmarks folder
  • Blacklist or whitelist any type of add-on
  • Add or remove certificates
  • Disable private browsing
  • Turn off crash reporting
  • Prevent access to local files
  • Always clear saved passwords
  • Disable safe mode
  • Remove Firefox Sync
  • Remove various buttons from Options

If you want to see it in action, you can check out these videos.

And if you’ve never heard of PolicyPak, you might have heard of the guy who runs it – Jeremy Moskowitz. He’s a Group Policy MVP and literally wrote the book on Group Policy.

On a final note, if you decide to purchase, please let them know you heard about it from me.

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6 thoughts on “Managing Firefox with Group Policy and PolicyPak

  1. I was wondering how PolicyPak suddenly became so good in supporting Firefox. I even began to wonder if it would be competition for CCK2. Now I understand it is a win-win situation. Well done!

  2. I have a question about this: Is this using AutoConfig on the client side to manage those things in Firefox or is a different mechanism used?

  3. Hi Mike. I am IT consultant in France and I am currently writing a comparative study about IE11, Chrome and Firefox. Where could I find a complete list of the policypak GPOs for Firefox that i could compare with the native GPOs’ list dédicated to IE and Chrome ?
    Thank’s a lot 🙂