Keyword Search for Christmas

I just wanted to say thanks to Mozilla for selecting Keyword Search as one of the best add-ons of 2014.

To celebrate, I’ve finally updated Keyword Search to work better with the search changes in Firefox 34. You can specify separate search engines for about:home and the new tab page and you get images that match the search you are using.

I also added a new feature for international users that allows to be used regardless of the country you are in. This became an issue recently when Google started forcing all searches to country searches even if you start them on

You can download the latest version here.

Happy holidays!

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4 thoughts on “Keyword Search for Christmas

  1. Would you consider adding a feature to Keyword Search to make Ctrl-K and other shortcuts that would otherwise focus the search bar instead focus the location bar and insert the default search keyword (and a space)? That would make it possible to hide the search bar and use a combined search box instead.

    Or do you know of an addon that already does this?