I Used the CCK2 Wizard – What Now?

One of the most common questions I get asked is what to do with the result that the CCK2 Wizard produces. This post will address that question.

After you’ve completed your customizations using the CCK2 Wizard, you have two choices: create an extension or use AutoConfig.

Let’s start with AutoConfig (which is what I recommend.) AutoConfig is the tried and true method of customizing Firefox that’s been around forever. You can read an old post about it here. I’m also working on an AutoConfig eBook that I hope to have out soon.

With AutoConfig, things are quite simple (at least on Windows and Linux). The output of the CCK2 Wizard is a zip file that can be unzipped in the same directory where the Firefox executable is located. It puts all the necessary files in the right places and you can immediately start Firefox and see your customizations. Things are not so good on Mac starting with Firefox 34. AutoConfig is broke right now due to the new Apple signing requirements. We’re investigating the best way to fix that.

Your other option with the CCK2 is to generate an extension. This produces an XPI file which can simply be installed in Firefox the same way any other extensions is installed – by dragging and dropping it onto the browser. If you want to deploy the extension you’ve created, I’ve documented a number of the different ways you can integrate an extension into Firefox. Each of these methods has positives and negatives – it’s up to you to decide what to do for your situation.

Some people might wonder why I don’t just have the CCK2 generate a new installer. In my experience, there are so many different ways that people deploy applications that it would not be worth it. In the past, I have documented how to bundle your changes with the Windows installer if you are so inclined.

Hopefully this gets most folks started with the CCK2. Please let me know if I’ve missed something.

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18 thoughts on “I Used the CCK2 Wizard – What Now?

  1. Trying to use autoconfig.js and firefox.cfg file to set preferences when deploying Firefox in my enterprise to our Mac OS X clients.

    Do you know if there is a workaround to solve the Codesigning problem on OS X?

  2. We are trying to update firefox to the latest version on a server that is currently locked down with the CCK2 autoconfig. We are finding that firefox does not work after the new version upgrade.
    Is there a recommended way to upgrade the firefox version once cck2 is in place?

    • Can you be more specific as to “does not work?”

      What version of Firefox were you using before and what version did you move to?

  3. Hi,
    When I try to have an addon install on 41.0.1 with a new CCK2 profile, it doesn’t seem to take effect. Is this new behaviour with FF, or am I doing something wrong? Other settings (such as show menu) work – it seems like UBlock Origin installation is the only one that doesn’t apply?

  4. Thanks very much for this post. I’m one of those “what now?” folks! I suppose the good news is that I guessed the answer myself. I unzipped the autoconfig.zip file into the same folder as the Firefox executable (M:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox). The bad news is that it didn’t work. After launching Firefox I do not see any of my customizations. I assume I did something wrong, but I cannot imagine what.

    • For anyone else that reads this, somehow all the files didn’t get unzipped from the autoconfig.zip (permissions problem?). If autoconfig.js is missing from defaults/pref, something went wrong.

      • I’m not sure exactly what the issue is, but it is reproducible. It seems to happen when I open the autoconfig.zip file with, say, Jzip, and drag the folders to the target Mozilla folder. If I do it that way, the prefs folder and the autoconfig.js do not get copied. But if I first unzip it to a folder on my desktop and then drag the folders from there to the target, it works. Go figure.

  5. Just found CCK2 and it’s a great tool. My question is this – when you’re doing an upgrade install to Firefox and want to remove add-ons that are on the previous install, how would you go about doing that? Since it’s an upgrade, CCK2 and Firefox appear to leave them alone. I’d like to remove them since they are no longer functional in our environment. Any suggestions? We’re pushing Firefox through a GPO if that helps.

  6. When Firefox runs for the first time cert8.db file is not copied to user Firefox profile, even though file exists in Firefox default profile and also inside cck2/resources/certs directory. Any insight into this?

  7. Hi

    First of all, thanks for a very helpful tool.

    I’m having problems with certificates with the latest 51.0.1 version of Firefox. I’ve always managed to import certificates with CCK2, but now I’ll have this error message, when starting the FF for the first time after the installation:


    I have five different certs (I’ve used them all with previous version of FF with no problems) and all of them generates this error now and are not imported to FF.

    Do you have any idea, why this happens? I’m using CCK2 version 2.2.2.

    • I’m wondering if it’s a problem with the resource name (51.0.1) although that seems opdd.

      I just did a cacert import and it’s working.

      Would you be willing to send me your autoconfig file so I can check it out?