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One of the trickier things about being self-employed, especially around an open source project like Firefox, is knowing where to draw the line between giving out free advice and asking people to pay for my services. I’m always hopeful that answering a question here and there will one day lead to folks hiring me or purchasing CCK2 support. That’s why I try to be as helpful as I can.

That being said, I’m still surprised at the number of times a month I get an email from someone requesting that I completely customize Firefox to their requirements and deliver it to them for free. Or write an add-on for them. Or diagnose the problem they are having with Firefox.

While I appreciate their faith in me, somehow I think it’s gotten lost somewhere that this is what I do for a living.

So I just wanted to take a moment and let people know that you can hire me. If you need help with customizing and deploying Firefox, or building Firefox add-ons or building a site-specific browser, that’s what I do. And I’d be more than happy to help you do that.

But if all you have is a question, that’s great too. The best place to ask is on my support site at cck2.freshdesk.com.

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3 thoughts on “What I Do

  1. You can’t blame the people for trying 🙂

    I get my fair share of these mails as well. People will ask me to write an add-on for them (sorry, I already have too little time for my private add-ons, I’m not going to write something I won’t use myself), fix some crappy and outdated add-on (same answer) or answer a programming question because my Stack Overflow answers are sooooo helpful (great that you know Stack Overflow, why don’t you ask there? then other people having the same question can find the answer as well). Sometimes I wonder how many other people they asked the same question and whether in the end they found what they were looking for…

  2. I am reminded of the following lyric in a song by Kate Wolf:

    “Everybody’s Looking For The Same Thing”
    –Words and Music by Kate Wolf and Hugh Shacklett

    Outside a country store there’s a board on the wall
    That’s filled with cards of every size
    And what the folks are looking for is written there to see
    Reading it, it comes as no surprise
    That everybody’s looking for the same thing
    The same thing, it’s plain to see
    It’s an old Chevy, a bass player,
    A country house on three acres,
    Three bedrooms, absolutely free
    There’s someone going to Boston with a guitar and a dog
    And a lady with a goat to give away
    There’s ten free kittens, a square dance on Sunday,
    And Cindy, please get in touch with Ray