CCK2 New Features

I’ve had some feature requests from subscribers to my premium support package, so everyone will see the benefits in the next release.

The first request was to be able to add a lightweight theme via the CCK2. That ability will be in the next CCK2. You simply give the CCK2 the URL for a theme on AMO and the CCK2 will do the rest.

The second request was for the ability to set the user value of preference versus the default value or locking the preference (the pref() function in Autoconfig). I’ve added that functionality.

The third request was for better support for software security devices on multiple platforms. I’ve updated the code so it checks to see if the device is there before trying to add it allowing you to mix multiple platform paths. In addition, I try to add the device at every startup so that if the device is added after the CCK2 is installed, it will still get added to Firefox.

Do you wish that the CCK2 has a feature? Purchasing a support package can make it happen.

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