Firefox ESR 38 Overview

This post will provide a high level overview of changes coming up in the next Firefox ESR. This list is primarily focused on changes that will impact enterprise users. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. For a list of all the changes, see the release notes links.

Note: Firefox Hello and Encrypted Media Extensions will NOT be part of the ESR.

Firefox 32

Firefox 33

Firefox 34

Firefox 35

  • Firefox Marketplace Menu and Button
  • New Search UI in more locales
  • Release Notes (35.0, 35.0.1)

Firefox 36

Firefox 37

Firefox 38

  • Preferences in tabs
  • Release Notes (38.0)

My plan is to have a new CCK2 beta that coincides with the Firefox 38 release that will allow for disabling some of these new features. It’s a beta because it also has the new code for no longer using the distribution directory.

If I missed something, please post it in the comments.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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7 thoughts on “Firefox ESR 38 Overview

  1. When are you going yo implememt Hello in the Android version? I make calls from my mobile, not from my PC, like most of the people in this planet.

    • Yes, this worked fine:
      Search for loop.enabled
      Toggle to true
      Restart Firefox 38ESR

      Now Hello goes.
      Because of the “beta”/new status of Hello, there won’t be security/fixes for Hello back-ported to 38ESR. So if something turns out to be broken in Hello and you care, then you would have to move forward on the normal release channel to get a fix.