Final (Hopefully) Beta of CCK2 2.1 Available

Beta 6 of CCK2 2.1 is available here.

This version includes the ability to turn off the following features:

  • Firefox Marketplace
  • Firefox Hello
  • Social Sharing
  • The Forget Button
  • Heartbeat

Also, for AutoConfig only, it adds the ability to to install extensions that previously used to work in the distribution/bundles directory.

To use this feature, after unzipping the, create a bundles directory under the cck2 directory and place any directories there the same way you placed them in distribution/bundles.

This feature is experimental, but in my testing, it worked for most things. It will not allow you to disable safe mode, though. This only works for extensions that worked in distribution/bundles, so it does NOT work for restartless extensions.

I’d appreciate any help testing. Please report any problems you have at

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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25 thoughts on “Final (Hopefully) Beta of CCK2 2.1 Available

  1. Hello Mr. Kaply,

    First off, thank you for your work with CCK2. I am currently creating an autoconfig that hides most if not all of the UI and makes Firefox look as if in Kiosk mode. I’m finding that hiding the min, max, and close buttons works in 64bit Win7 but not in 32b Win7. I am using the IDs #titlebar-min, #titlebar-max, and #titlebar-close. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

    • It’s probably related to the theme, not the 32 vs. 64.

      If Firefox is using the native windows controls, you can’t hide them.

      If you make Firefox full screen by window.fullScreen = true, those controls are Firefox specific and you should be able to hide #window-controls

      • Thank you, Mike. The fullscreen mode is not advised for the site that I want to the users to access. I will look at this some more.

        • So Firefox has an option to put tabs in the toolbar. It’s the preference browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar

          Can you tell me what that pref is set to in those two cases? Is it the same value?

          I think when drawInTitlebar is set, Firefox draws custom window controls.

  2. Hi,
    as far as I can tell, the new version works fine.
    There is just one problem, maybe you can help me. I used to deploy Adblock Edge in the firefox distribution folder. After an update to a new major version this method didn’t work anymore, so I deployed it via CCK-addon.
    Because AB Edge will be discontinued on June 5, I now want to remove this addon. Is there a possibility to do that?

        • var observer = {
          observe: function observe(subject, topic, data) {
          var extensionID = "{fe272bd1-5f76-4ea4-8501-a05d35d823fc}";
          AddonManager.getAddonByID(extensionID, function(addon) {
          if (addon)
          .addObserver(observer, "final-ui-startup", false);

          You can use the CCK2 to put it in your autoconfig file or just paste it at the end.

  3. Hi Mike,

    works like a charm, even deploying addons via the cck2/bundles-Folder.

    When are you planning to release the final version?


  4. I am adding (browser.newtabpage.enabled) and setting it to false in the CCK2 preferences. I create the auto.config and deploy it the my computers and I still have tabs. I go to about:config and it is still set to true. I am using Firefox Ver 38.0.1.

  5. Hi Mike,

    CCK2 ist really valuable to configure FF ESR!
    But ist deactivates the Classic Theme Restorer!
    Can I reactivate it somehow?